Friday, September 1, 2006

Spice I am revisited

Its been a good few weeks since our first visit to Spice I am. I think it's taken that long for the burning to go away and the sensation return to my tastebuds. So I do what any sane person does, go back for a second helping.

After learning from our first experience, we decided to head to the Triple Ace Bar for a few drinks beforehand. Once we were sufficiently liquored up, we stumbled over to Spice I am only to find the place packed to the seams. I left my mobile number with the friendly waitress, stumbled back across the road for another drink. Less than 5mins later, my Oompa-Loompa ringtone goes off, before I could even say "Hello" Cookiez had already started sculling her drinking. I quickly down mine, grabbed my bags and attempted the inebriated high heels tottle across the street.

We're promptly seated (Thank goodness because I think I was walking slanted) with plates, cutlery and a big bottle of water was plonked down for our using. We decided to try some new dishes:

Mieng Kuay Teow - $6.90
Sliced Pork, bean sprouts, mint, wrapped with flat rice noodles

For entree, we opted for the Mieng Kuay Teow which consists of pork, bean sprouts, mints all rolled in fresh sheets of rice noodles. It comes with a VERY garlicky and sour sauce. The roll on its own is quite bland and it really needs the sauce to jazz it up. The crunchy bean sprouts and the soft silky rice noodles offers a refreshing contrast. Maybe because I am expecting a Yum Cha style cheong fun with soft innards, instead I was greeted by a cool refreshing crunch of sprouts. The dish is nice, but not worth the $6.90. Not if I can get a plate with 3 strips of Cheong Fun for under $5 at Yum Cha.

Nam Tok - $10.90
Chargrilled Beef salad hot and spicy with chilli powder and ground roast rice

You would think after last time's salad I would learn my lesson......well, you see, I'm a slow learner. I KNOW I should've asked for mild.......but.......well......I don't know. I didn't. So I suffered. I was just grateful that I was semi tanked up before arriving and had partially numbed my tongue before eating. I'm pretty sure the salad was nice and sour. I love my salads sour. The tang lightens up any meal and enables me to consume more. However, I spent most of the time focusing on the burn. I was a tad confused after the 2nd bite and though someone had shoved a red hot poker into my mouth. MILD DAMNIT!! Why did I forget that keyword when I was ordering! *Sigh* The salad was still good, although I still prefer their Nam Khao Tod if it didn't burn my tongue off. I stharted thu sthpeak thlike thith half way thruuu the dith cos my thongue wath sthwollen.

Basil Crispy Chicken - $13.90

This was the dish of the night. The Chicken wasn't exactly CRISPY, but it was deep fried and then cooked in a slight sweet, slighty spicy and slightly salt sticky sauce all topped with crunchy fried holy basil. The spiciness on this dish did not hit a 35 on a scale of 10, meaning I could enjoy this dish without a fire extinguisher. The serving was a bit small for the price we paid, but it made it all the more more-ish. I must try this dish again when I'm sober and have complete use of my taste buds, but I'm afraid it might be a bit salty considering it tasted sufficiently salted even with my numb tongue. Nevertheless, it was yummmmmmmmm!

Spice I am
90 Wentworth Ave
Surry Hills

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