Sunday, October 29, 2006

Baja Cantina revisited

I got free tickets to the theatre the other week. I wasn't too sure what the show was about, but thats not the point. So I booked Moishii for the night to join me in getting free stuff. The show wasn't going to start til 8pm, so we had plenty of time. As it was at the Seymour Centre, we decided to head back to Baja Cantina for dinner, this time without the psychopathic lunatic ready to stab me in the eye.

We were really early

As we've been a bit of an alcoholic lately, the first thing we ordered was a jug of sangria. Not just any sangria, but a white sangria. What was delivered was quite different from what we ordered last time:

White Sangria

Last time the sangria was quite murkey with some old fruit and a bit of foam on top. This time, it was nice and translucent with nice chunks of watermelon, rock melon and honeydew melon. The sangria wasn't exactly fermented the traditional way, but I liked it. It was light and fruity, and definately went down well.

I was really really tempted to order the fish tacos again since they tasted absolutely spectacular last time, but no. I must try something new. Quesadillas it is! With Chipolate prawns and a side of salsa.

MmMmmm my quesadilla had huge chunky prawns, not as smokey as I'd have expected, and quite cheesey, but very very good. The dish came with refried beans and rice. Now I had these last time and it's very filling if not a bit rich, perfect for winter, a bit heavy for summer. Hence my salsa. The sides were a bit oily and there was a bit too much cheese, but then isn't that mexican food? Next time I'll ask for less cheese.

Moishii ordered a chicken Burrito. The filling was basically the rice and beans that was served with my dish, with a heap of chicken mixed in. Not that that stopped Moishii from devouring most of the dish.

So by the time we had finished eating, it was around 7:15pm. We were sitting around whilst I proceeded to drink the ENTIRE jug of sangria. We were full, we were content, and we were sleepy. In other words, we couldn't be arsed going to the show. I think we kinda did discuss it, but the decision was already made, it was home time. Luckily they were free tickets.....

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