Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dragon Star Seafood Restaurant

So I got frantic calls from my parents one night saying that I HAD to go out for dinner in the city. They even changed the venue just so I could rock up. Why? My cousin was visiting from China. He had joined a tour group that was taking him from Sydney to Canberra to Melbourne to New Zealand to Gold Coast and then back to Sydney. Or something along those lines. Because he lost the itinerary. Yes thats right. So he had no idea how long he was going to be in Sydney for so it was our only chance to catch up.

So after my last volleyball game, I grabbed my bag and dashed out, still in my sweaty gear. Ewww.....yes I know...but everyone was waiting for me! We ended up at Dragon Star at Market City since it was the closest restaurant with good food. And since Australia is famous for their seafood, it wasn't surprising that the first dish we ordered was this:

Ginger and Shallot Lobster on a bed of E-fu noodles

MmMMmm Noodles........

I'm actually not a huge fan of lobster which is probably why I ate more noodles than lobster, and they also include these deep fried cloves of garlic thats gone all soft and sweet. I do love lobster sashimi, but cooked lobster is kinda tough and tasteless. I'd much prefer the delicate flavour and texture of crab. And speaking of crab......

Crab and vermicelli hot pot

This dish was a tad dry and could've used a bit more sauce, but I wasn't complaining too much since the vermicelli noodles were deliiiiicious! It might have something to do with the mince and dried shrimp they used to cook it. Or it could be the big globs of crab roe that fell off during the cooking process and got mixed into the noodles. MmMMm

Chunky crab roe!

Garlic Bok Choy

Lotus leaf steamed free range chicken

Steamed gourd with enoki mushroom sauce

The chicken was a bit tasteless since it was steamed ONTOP of all the ingredients instead of laying everything ontop of it so it could absorb some flavour. The veggies were nice and garlicky and hella refreshing after all the seafood. And the gourd......omg the gourd was good. Soft and sweet with the nice enoki mushrooms for a bit of texture contrast. MmMmm too bad I was so full at this stage I only had a small spoonful.

We ended up at our places afterwards having more fruit (not that we didn't have dessert at the restaurant) and got to have a good chat with my cousin. We're hoping his tour will bring him back to Sydney before flying him home. That way we could show him a bit more of Sydney instead of just the touristy things. And maybe I'll take him to a nice non-chinese restaurant!

Dragon Star Seafood Restaurant
Market City
Level 3, Shop 9-13, Hay St
(02) 9211 8988

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