Monday, March 26, 2007

The pr0n party

I don't know how to explain my weekend...after our big drunk get together the other week, Moishii came up with this brilliant idea of hosting a pr0n party. Basically, it was a drunken get together where Moishii will screen his pr0n collection on the TV. Yeah......this was going to require A LOT of alcohol......

Firstly, soak the fruit in spirits of some sort

Add to a MASSIVE bowl with other alcohol

Get someone to do a taste test

Decorate the room

We didn't want a repeat of Moishii's 23rd where people were throwing up all over the sinks (Kitchen and laundry) so we decided some food was in order.

Throw together a small Greek salad

I said SMALL!!

Make some Cacik / Tzatziki

Bring out the chips, pasta, pastries and fetta as mezze

Tuscan Chicken and sundried tomato, and spinach and fetta

Get everyone full and liquored up

Start screening the entertainment......

That's errrr...the "cleanest" photo I could put up. *cough*

Yeah......anyhooooo. After a few hours of "entertainment", we finally had it with everyone and kicked them out of the house. Only one person refused to leave. And that was Matt. Yes its Drunken Mama. Moishii ended up grabbing Matt's shoes and hurling them onto the front lawn before kicking his ass out his front door. LITERALLY throwing him out of the house. Matt went sprawling over the front lawn. If only I knew what was happening, I would've grabbed the camera. But all I remember was that I was lying in the dark trying to get some peace and quiet, when I heard a lot of screaming followed by loud thumping and cracking noises. Matt refused to leave until he got some free lollies off Moishii, so Moishii started hurling packets of hard candy at Matt's head. After finally getting Matt out of the house, me, Moishii, Levi and Cherry all decided to go to bed. Well, not together anyway. Moishii gave each of us a room.

10mins after lights out, the door bell rings. Well all stumble out of our individual bedrooms all bleary-eyed thinking who the hell is ringing the door bell at 2:30am. Moishii checks the door only to find the door step empty. We stood around for a good 10secs thinking who the hell pulls pranks like that besides me and Moishii. Suddenly the light bulb on top of my head went *ding*. It might be Matt. I run into the room, tripping on a table and almost putting my head through a glass window and quickly check the streets. Matt's car was still parked across the street.

I race out of the room and scream "ITS MATT!!!" and we all race into Levi's room and threw open the massive window and looked out at the lawn. And there was Matt jumping up and down and screaming his head off. At this point, Cherry though the appropriate action was to jump into bed with the half naked Levi, leaving me and Moishii to deal with the mess.

We decided that ignoring him would be best. That is until he started taking the hard candy and started throwing them at the windows. We threw open the curtains, screamed bloody murder at Matt to go home and went back to bed. 2 mins later, the doorbell rings. We run back to Levi's room and find that Cherry is still in bed with him. We'll deal with that later, we've got a lunatic on the front lawn. Matt goes completely beserk on the front lawn, jumping up and down and trying to strip whilst screaming that he wanted a hug from us. I decided this a Oishii and Moishii production time. I stormed through Moishii's house, threw his bedroom door open and grabbed his video camera. I screamed at Moishii that it was time to fight back. Moishii practically trips down the stairs trying to follow me through the house whilst I was screaming "THE LOLLIES!!! I WANT MORE LOLLIES!! WHERE DID YOU PUT THE LOLLIES!?!?!"

Moishii got a few cartons of hard promotion lollies from work. These lollies taste like the bottom of an old sugar barrel. For some reason,, Matt likes them. But I also think that's because they're free. Well, if Matt likes them so much, he can have them. I've got the camera running at this stage, and Moishii loads his arms up with about 40 packets of these lollies. He throws the front door open and starts hurling pack after pack of lollies at Matt. These lollies make great ammunition. Some of the packets break open, and all you see is this great shower of lollies pelting Matt like it was a machine gun stuck on auto-fire. When Moishii runs out of ammo, he slams the door shut and disappears for a few seconds. Meanwhile, I've still got the camera running and Matt decides to run smack bang into the door and does a blowfish on the glass. Moishii comes tearing through the hallway with something in his hand. The door goes flying open, Matt starts running, Moishii hurls a glass of leftover wine at Matt. God, good thing he didn't get his hands on the punchbowl. There was still a good 2L of punch left. If that hit Matt square in the face, it would've been a kodak moment.

The door closes and retreat back to our rooms, thinking Matt finally got the message of "GO HOME!!". We walked back upstairs only to see Cherry cuddled underneath the blanket with Levi practically doing it in Moishii's parent's bed. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. The doorbell suddenly rings which was a perfect distraction from the fact that Cherry has decided to make herself a permanent fixture in Levi's bed.

This time, Moishii has had it. He storms into the garage and starts tearing through the boxes looking for a chainsaw. Luckily he didn't find the chainsaw, but its not like he knew how to start it anyway. He finds a handsaw and chases Matt down his front lawn screaming bloody murder. Bottles and more lollies are hurled around before Moishii comes running back in. Matt decides to slam himself against the glass door again and proceeds to lick it. God we need to disinfect the door now.

We decided that it was time to truely ignore Matt and hope he would go away before we call the cops on him. It was now close to 3am. Since we were still awake from the screaming and running, we grabbed a torch and stormed into Levi's room to find the 2 of them almost naked. Moishii decides to jump in and breakup whatever was happening. Luckily this was all captured on tape. Again, we hear more screaming from Matt. We peeked through the window andsaw him finally pick up every single packet of lollies and loaded them into the car before driving off. THANK GOD! PEACE AT LAST! Well, unless there was going to be sounds coming out of Levi's room.

I didn't wake up til late in the day when Cherry decided to quietly slip out of the house. Apparently Levi also quietly slipped out of the house. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, this is the aftermath:

Not sure if you can see the massive 4L cask at the end of the table...but yeah. It was a big night. Lots alcohol, lots of pr0n on tv, some pr0n in real life and Matt. I think everyone was all pr0ned out by the end of the night.....and woke up with a massive hangover. I took me and Moishii a good 2-3 hours to even get ready to go out.....


Anonymous said...

ohhhhhh I thought she went back to her room. That explains why her room was empty at 6am when I went to the bathroom.

Wait did Matt sleep on the front door step?

SoRMuiJAi said...

No I think Matt went home. I don't know what happened. I got up and Cherry was all packed up to leave. Its too early in the morning to deal with anything like that.