Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Uighur Cuisine

Despite eating our way through the Good Food and Wine show, we didn't actually have a proper meal. I had congee for breakfast whilst my friend had nadda. After the show, we decided to find somewhere close to eat and rest. Remember that Uighur Cuisine was literally around the corner, we quickly ducked in and found one of the last free tables (and it was only 5:30pm!).

Uighur people are mainly a tribe of Turkic people living in Central Asia. They speak their own language with their own flag that is almost identical to the Turkish flag, except it is blue.

The menu was quite confusing since I've never had Uighur cuisine before, but looking at the pictures and what was ordered on other tables helped us decide on what to order.

Pork and vegetable dumplings

These dumplings were lightly pan fried so they were crispy on the bottom but still soft and chewy on the top. The filling was quite light and tasted of coriander and celery. Doused with black vinegar, these went down a treat.

Uighur handmade noodles with lamb and vegetables

The noodles were lovely and chewy, although my friend reckoned they were TOO chewy. My main gripe with this dish is that when I order a LAMB and vegetable noodle, I expect to see LAMB, VEGETABLES and NOODLES. In this entire dish, we found ONE piece of lamb, and about 3 bits of what we think was lamb that fell off the main piece. I also didn't really fancy the vegetables as I found them to be a bit too overcooked/over pickled. Probably not a dish I would order again.

Spicy lamb skewers

These would be the highlight of the meal. 5 skewers of chunky lamb, spiced with chilli and cumin. Fresh from the grill, they were deliciously tender. However, once they cooled down, they became a bit tough and chewy. I would recommend that you eat these ASAP once they arrive.

The food overall wasn't too bad. I've never had Uighur food before, so I can't really compare it with anything else. The dumplings and noodles closely resemble Chinese cuisine, whilst the lamb skewers remind me of the lovely shish kebabs you get in Turkey. A very interesting cuisine that I wouldn't mind trying again.

Uighur Cuisine
Shop 1, 8 Dixon St
(Corner of Liverpool & Dixon St)
Sydney, 2000

Ph: 9267 8555

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