Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Cheesecake Factory

One of the days in Houston, me and my friend decided to head to The Galleria for a bout of shopping. The minute the cab pulled up the front, I screamed "OMG! THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!!". The plan was to hit the shops and work up a serious appetite before coming back!

And boy was I glad we did! The menu was huge! I was half way through the menu when the waitress came back to take our order. I'm in hysterics going "OMG! The menu is so big, I feel like I'm reading Lord of the Rings! And I haven't even gotten to the cheesecakes yet!". She decided to give me another 10mins. Good thing...cos I got stuck at the cheesecake section! SO many choices!!!

I opted for an apptetizer, to save room for the cheesecake. So I ordered a chicken quesadilla and out came this monster.

This was huge! I was seriously struggling to finish this without all the salsa and sides. By the time I was done with this, I wasn't sure I could fit in a cheesecake. BUT. MUST. EAT. CHEESECAKE.

White chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake

This was sooo decadant yet not overly rich as the sweet and sour raspberry gave my tastebuds a bit of relief. The only thing I couldn't stomach was the cream.


Chocolate oreo mudslide cheesecake - My takeaway goodie!

Original Strawberry cheesecake

I tried my friends strawberry cheesecake and had cheesecake envy! It was incredibly light and fluffy! I'm definitely ordering this next time!

And of course there is a next time! We dragged a few friends with us so we could go back for cheesecake!


Frozen Iced Mango with a swirl of raspberry

Having eaten at the Cheesecake factory before, I knew I had to be very careful with my lunch selection to make sure I still had room in my stomach for dessert!

Crabcake sandwich

Jackpot! Delicious and a good size!

One of the better crabcake sandwiches I've had!

"Lunch size" serving of Meatloaf

"Lunch size" serving of shepherds pie

"Lunch size" fish and chips...with 3 fillets of fish

Someone was smart and got finger food - Stuffed mushrooms

Keylime cheesecake and Fresh Strawberry cheesecake to share

Since the Cheescake Factory virgins loved the food so much, we had to go back a third time! haha

Spicy Ahi Tempura rolls

Buffalo wings - Appetizer size

I've truely realised at this stage that I DON'T like buffalo wings. My taste buds seriously object to the vinegary taste of the buffalo wings. I'd much prefer a sweet and spicy wing, than a sour and spicy wing. It looks like most of us Aussies didn't enjoy this dish either. I much prefer the honey soy wings I make.

"Lunch Size" Spaghetti Arribiata

If I got served this in Sydney, I would've went "Wow! The restaurant is quite generous with their serving size!". Except this was supposed to be a 1/2 portion / Lunch size. I'd be scared to see normal size.

Roadside Sliders

I fully cracked up laughing when this was delivered! Check out the description of these sliders under the appetizer section:

Bite-sized Burgers on Mini-Buns Served with Grilled Onions, Pickles and Ketchup

HA! Bite-sized my butt. These were the size of Maccas cheeseburgers! hahaha

Lemon raspberry cream cheesecake

Fresh Strawberry cheesecake - My favourite!

Lemoncello cream torte

Chocolate peanut butter cookie dough cheesecake


Karen said...

why can't Australia have serving size like these? So many times I've ordered something and felt dissapointed and ripped off because the size did not reflect the price I paid for the meal.

SoRMuiJAi said...

Very true! But I'm kinda glad we don't......I don't think my waist can take anymore texas sized meals!! haha