Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wok 'n' BBQ

Whenever we feel like eating out on the weekend, we usually end up at Burwood for some Chinese roast and rice. Since the lovely name and shame of one of our regulars, we thought we should try out another place. Wok 'n' BBQ has been open for about a year. We had visited it when it opened during its first week. We probably would've visited earlier if they didn't have a blackout on the day we went. hehehe The shop is located on the corner of Burwood Rd, next to the train station.

I've been back a few times since as its a nicer and cleaner environment to enjoy lunch compared to some of the other roasts shops (Which is more eat and run type style).

Complimentry soup that's not in a brown cracked plastic bowl

BBQ Pork and rice

Soya chicken and rice

Roast pork and rice

Another BBQ Pork and rice

Roast duck noodle soup - seperated

The roast is really nice and fresh. Taste wise, its very similar to the other shops. The portion sizes are slightly smaller, but that's because they don't load you up on the rice. They still give you the same amount of meat and veggies as the other shops which is good. The price is also similar to the other shops, usually around the $8-10 mark.

All in all, a lovely Chinese roast lunch in a nice clean setting with real crockery. If you're starving, you might want to head up to some of the other shops where they give you more rice. Otherwise, a good place to catch up with friends.


Howard said...

Last week was the first time I've been in Burwood for almost 15 months, so much has changed! I use to eat the the roast bbq place next to the old McKimm's Pharmacy opposite CBA.

SoRMuiJAi said...

Yeh....that was the one that was named and shamed with 8 penalty notices and ended up hurling rotted bbq pork at the health inspector. We don't go there as much now ;)

Howard said...

LOL u serious ? Good thing I stopped going. They had an open kitchen of sorts as well.

SoRMuiJAi said...

Yeah......but the chances are they're just as clean as most other asian restaurants. Except they got caught! LoL