Friday, January 19, 2007

BBQ at BBQ City

Its well known in my family that I love BBQ City. So when it was time to choose an asian restaurant for our family dinner, the first thing that popped into our head was BBQ City! It was a big effort getting out to the city, luckily we had free parking at World Square which made it slightly easier.

We met up at BBQ City and was greeted by the ever so friendly manager. (Helps when you know the boss!) Within 10mins of sitting down, we had ordered. Firstly, the side dishes:

Mashed potato salad

Kim Chi

Garlic and Sesame Choi Sum

Pickled radish

Shallot salad

Now I said previously that my brother in law likes to eat, and I love eating with him. Especially since he's always getting me to try weird and wonderful things. This time, it was the Korean raw beef salad:

The beef is basically frozen, sliced and then served with julienned nashi pears, cucumber, honey and a raw egg. Mix it around and eat! It was very strange at first. The beef was still frozen and was icy cold in your mouth, but as you chew, the beef quickly melts like butter and is as soft as sashimi. Oh god it was good! My brother in law complained that it was a bit sweeter than usual, but I was more than happy with this!

After the raw meat, we had more raw meat, but for cooking:

We also got some great marinated octopus which the kids just loved. Especially when you put a whole octopus on a sizzling hot pan, the tentacles all curl up and start moving around the plate like it was alive! Of course this freaked the young one out when my brother in law started making "octopus screaming sounds". *SigH*

MmMMm carnivorous!

Of course I ordered my usual fish egg stew and we got a sweet and sour chilli chicken which was just divine! So good, the kids devoured half a plate before I got to it!! ARGH!

By the end of the meal, we were sooooooooo stuffed! We were originally planning on going to the French Riviera afterwards, it so was not happening! We had to postpone that for another night.

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