Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lunch @ Bavarian Bier Cafe - O'Connell St

One of our friends is heading off to the UK with wife to show off his new born son. (New as in 6 months old) and thought we should catch up for a beer or two before he's off for a few weeks. Since we all worked in the City, we headed off to the Bavarian Bier Cafe in O'Connell St. After a lot of confusion and people heading off to the York St one, we all managed to gather for a beer or two. I was being good and stuck to water. *GASP**SHOCK**HORROR* I know! But I had a long day left at work and falling asleep on the job was not going to help me.

We ordered off the bar menu, and originally I was too lazy to take photos. But when my Wagyu Beef burger came out, I just HAD to take a photo of it:

This thing is HUGE!! See that stick through the middle of the burger? Thats a satay stick stick. This burger was so big I couldn't just pick it up to eat, I had to cut it in half before I could even tackle this beast! Of course, that meant that I get a great innards shot:

MmmMMmm meat...... *Homer Simpson drool face* I've never had a burger that isn't 100% cooked, and this was a perfect way to introduce me to a rare burger patty. Its a shame that the wagyu beef was turned into a patty, if it was wagyu beef at all. Not that I can tell when its in a patty form. But this burger was damn good! And damn HUGE! I gave half of it to my workmate and I still couldn't finish my meal! I had chips leftover. I NEVER have chips leftover. But I had chips leftover! And did I mention the burger was good? But for $17, it better be damn good.

I would've taken photos of the other food, but once you pick this baby up, you do not let go, otherwise everything will just fall to bits! And reconstructing it will be a real problem considering the size of this thing!

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