Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Za Pina

Originally we had planned on eating at the Australian, but the Australian was packed like a can of sardines. Since we had our heart set on Pizza, we decided to give Za Pina a go. Za Pina, the tiny little Italian Restaurant on George St near Argyle St at the Rocks. Always packed whenever we walk by. Usually we're either heading towards Lowenbrau, or stumbling away from Lowenbrau. This time, we were sober enough to walk in and score a table.

Cookies, still salivating over the most delicious octopus we have ever eaten at The Athenian, went and ordered a BBQ Octopus salad.

This was.......horrid. I'm serious. This was really, really, REALLY BAD. The octopus was DEFINITELY NOT FRESH. It had been marinated for way too long in vinegar, to the stage that the octopus disintegrates in your mouth. Me being the pig I am, took a bite before Cookies even got a chance, and my face practically warned her off the dish. Thing......gnocci....that's been boiling for about 3 hours too long. Then soaked in Vinegar. The octopus did not need to be cut. The slight pressure from a fork was enough to cut them up......We quickly convinced Cookies to order a Penne Arribiata instead. That was very nice, now if only we had ordered that in the first place.

Four Seasons Pizza

I've ordered Four Seasons Pizza before, but nothing like this. One quarter was pure sliced frankfurts (Not even pepperoni). One quarter was just ham. And the last quarter was just Mushrooms. But the best quarter would be the one that was PURE ONIONS. Yes......I suggested that they jumble the ingredients around before eating it......

Mexicana Pizza

I went with my usual Mexicana Pizza. It was very nice and spicy, and the crust wasn't too bad. But it wasn't the best one I've had.

Lets just say I was very disappointed with my experience here. I don't understand why there is a constant line of people trying to get into this restaurant. What annoyed me even more was that before we had even finished eating, the bill was on our table. Have they even considered we might have wanted dessert? But then considering the standard of food, we wouldn't be getting any dessert from them either.

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