Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 11 - Vivo City and the meat coma

Today, my brother in law offered to take me to Vivo city, which is across the bridge from Sentosa Island. It's a new shopping centre that is trying to compete with the highly popular and touristy Orchard Rd and Suntec City.

Well, by the looks of it, they weren't doing too well.....

We split up and went abouts our own shopping. We met up 2 hours later, ravenous for some food. There was a new Brazilian Restaurant opened there called Carnivore. We get a table and hit the buffet salad bar. You gotta get some vegetables into you before all the meat comes out:

My veggie plate - with Feijoada (Black bean, pork rib and sausage stew)

The meat hits the plate - Round 1 of many

We sat and gorged for an hour until my stomach was going to burst. We decided to spend another 2 hours shopping since we've covered less than 1/2 of the shopping centre. When we go meet up, I'm still stuffed like a Turkey.

We go and pick up my nephew again, and this time, he's ecstatic to see me. He literally throws himself into my arms and then runs off to grab his bag! Hehe.

We get home and my sister is cooking dinner. I honestly can't put anything in my mouth right now. Instead, I take a nice long long walk to Junction8 where I spend a few hours just walking around and around and around.

On my way back, I grabbed a heap of snacks and drinks for the family as I promised I'll bring something back. I also stopped by the local hawker centre and got a small bowl of yong tau fu noodle soup for dinner. Something nice and light and also low on meat.

Yong Tau Fu rice noodle soup

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