Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm going to smell his sweat!

For the past few years, everytime the Good Food and Wine show is on, I've been overseas. This year however, I'll be in Sydney when it is on. I got an email yesterday for presale tickets (No it wasn't an april fools joke) and they have a special special guest this year. GORDON RAMSAY!!! I assume he's here to film "Hell's Kitchen" Australian version for the new restaurant he's going to build in Melbourne?? I went into a frenzied panic trying to get the best seats to his 30min cooking demo. I pulled a few tricky moves and managed to score FRONT ROW SEATS! Literally! ROW A!! WOOHOO!! I couldn't stop giggling like a happy school girl getting tickets to her favourite pop idol's concert! I would be even happier if it was Jamie Oliver, but hey, FRONT ROW TICKETS! I'll be close enough to smell his sweat! hahaha My DSLR is going to come in handy!

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