Sunday, July 27, 2008

BBQ City Korean Restaurant

BBQ City is probably the first proper Korean restaurant I've been to, and is completely responsible for my love of Korean food. Frequented by Koreans all the time, you know the food has got to be authentic.

Kim Chi Pancake

One of my favourite entrees, although its big enough to be a whole meal for some. The spicy kim chi is pan fried in a soft chewy pancake. A slightly vinegary soya sauce is provided for dipping.

Banchan - Side dishes

My favourite thing about BBQ City is the variety of banchan they provide. Banchan is basically Korean side dishes to accompany the rest of the meal. Almost all Korean restaurants give you unlimited banchan, but you must ask for it. And if they charge you extra, you better check you're not getting ripped off. The banchan changes every time you go, so the more you go, the more variety you get to try!!

Boiled cabbage with a spicy bean paste sauce for dipping

Kim Chi - Still the best in Sydney

Sweet and spicy dried fish

Stir fried potato noodles

Sesame Spinach

Bulgogi beef on sizzling platter

This was quite nice, but I'm not a huge fan of mass onions unless they're fully cooked or caramelised. My friend enjoyed this dish thoroughly though.

Fish egg stew

When I first started eating Korean, the only dish I really knew to order was bulgogi beef and chicken with ginseng soup. That was until I ordered the Fish egg stew at BBQ City. This is now my "benchmark" dish at every Korean restaurant. A Korean restaurant doesn't get my tick of approval unless they make a good fish egg stew. The soup is spicy and hearty, yet light and fresh from the mass amounts of seafood and vegetables. This is served with boiled rice which you eat with the soup, seafood, vegetabls, tofu and other banchan. My all time favourite Korean dish.

With the freezing cold rainy weather we're experiencing, its almost time to go back for some more fish egg stew!

BBQ City Korean Restaurant
Level 1, 116-120 Liverpool St
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9267 5155

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