Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The biggest schnitzel I've ever tackled - White Cockatoo Hotel , Petersham

I got off at Petersham Station once on my way to meet a friend. I stopped by the White Cockatoo hotel when I noticed a whole heap of people eating schnitzels. I thought "Wow~ Those schnitzels are bigger than the palm of my hand! And only $15! Excellent value, must come back". So I planned to meet my friend there one night for dinner.

All along the walls were menu options with plenty of different types of schnitzels. Normal schnitzel with gravy, parmigiana style, mexicana style, cabonara, marinara etc etc. We ordered a plain schnitzel each, one with mushroom gravy and one with pepper sauce. They told us to sit at a table and they'll bring it over.

Since it was a thursday night, when you order a drink at the bar, they'll ask you to guess heads or tails. If you're right, you get the drinks free on the house. We sat and enjoyed our drinks, and next thing you know, our schnitzels came out:

Chicken schnitzel with pepper sauce

If you're thinking "How stingey are they with the chips? And why use such a small plate?". Well think again:

Chicken schnitzel with mushroom gravy

This schnitzel is HUGE!!! Like Titanic huge! And its not just ONE piece of schnitzel, ontop and underneath the big main schnitzel, were lots of other "normal" sized schnitzels. I mean, just the chips alone would probably fill you up, let alone the schnitzel. And you know what else? As they delivered the schnitzel, they asked if we wanted any salad. Without thinking, we went "errrrrr....yeah". If they had asked us if we've ever been abducted by aliens we probably would've went "errrrrr....yeah" cos we were so shellshocked by the size of the schnitzel.

Apparently, they used to serve the salad on the same plate, but either people we're eating it cos they were busy tackling the schnitzel, or it just wouldn't fit. So they ask you if you want the salad now.

I only managed to get through about 1/3 of the whole plate, leaving a heap of chips behind. And I love chips. I almost never leave chips behind, but this was just too big of a task to tackle. Not only were the schnitzels huge, but they were tasty. I've experienced my fair share of dry tasteless burnt schnitzels, but I've never had a schnitzel this size and STILL taste sooooo moist! And they weren't stingey with the gravy! I love my gravy and there was plenty to go around for this huge schnitzel!

When we first went to the White Cocktaoo Hotel and saw people eating their "big schnitzel", they were already 3/4 of the way through! Had we known how big their schnitzels are, we would've ordered one to share, and still not finish. I told a few of my friends about this, and apparently they go there after the guys have soccer practice, and have an eating competition to see who can finish the schnitzels. And even then, most of the time they only get 3/4 of the way through!

White Cockatoo Hotel
Shop 30, Terminus St
Petersham NSW 2049
Phone (02) 9569 4675

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