Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chinta Ria

Its been awhile since we've had a catch up with the old CBA gang, so after hundred of emails, numerous phone calls, we finally settled on Chinta Ria. I have walked past Chinta Ria so many times, but have never had the chance to go for dinner. After grabbing a drink at Pontoon, we went upstairs to try and snag a table for dinner. Chinta Ria doesn't accept dinner bookings, and we'll be rocking up with a pram, so the earlier the better. Infact, we were so early, there was only one other table there.

I loved the decor of the restaurant! Its colourful and vibrant, and theres a MASSIVE bucket of free prawn chips at the front door! I also noticed this was one of the Malaysian restaurant that featured in SBS's The Food Safari. I think it was the colourful bowls that gave it away.

We went and picked a main dish each leaving room for alcohol and dessert. I'm glad we've got our priorities right! hehehe

Lamb red curry - $22

Beef Rendang - $22

Nasi Goreng - $15

Vegetarian Noodles - $15.50

Assam fish - $24.50

Banana Fritter (Minus the ice cream)

Mango Sorbet

Sago Pudding with Coconut milk and palm sugar

The curries were quite standard and might I say, a tad dry. It was still went quite nice with the boiled rice we ordered. The Nasi Goreng was light and not oily at all. Noodles were nice, but a bit too much dark soya sauce for my liking. But the Assam Fish was my favourite dish. The sauce was light and tangy, and given a choice, I would've slurped down the sauce like it was Tom Yum Goong.

However, all of that was upstaged the minute my Sago Pudding came out. It is so simple, let sooooooo moreish! It was cooling and soothing. Perfect after a hot curry. The palm sugar was aromatic and not too sweet. I scraped every last bit out of the bowl!

We had a wonderful night out with good food, and even better company. My only complaint would be the staff at Chinta Ria tried to basically kick us out by giving us the bill at the same time that our dessert arrived. I know they're busy, and I know we were occupying a table for 8 with only 5 people (Plus a baby making it 6). But we didn't ask for the bigger table, we arrived early to avoid the hassle of trying to get a table with enough room to fit a pram and they offered us a large table when the place was still early. But once the place started getting packed, they quickly changed their tune. That was the only incident that marred a beautiful night out. We still had a great time nonetheless.

It's time to start organising the next outing!

Chinta Ria
Roof Terrace of Cockle Bay Wharf
201 Sussex St
Sydney, 2000
Ph: (02) 9264 3211
Fax: (02) 9264 1411


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