Monday, February 19, 2007

Tropfest 2007

A last minute decision to go to Tropfest meant I wasn't as prepared as I was for the Symphony. I was glad I could make it considering last years dismal efforts (We rocked up, sat down for 30mins, ate our sandwiches and left before the screening even started because of the rain!). Because it was CNY, I was at home most of the morning with the meet and greet of the relos. I didn't get a chance to go to the shops, so at 1:30pm, I rummaged through the fridge and pantry to see what I could knock up. Moishii had the wine organised, only when we were on our way out to the city that one bottle is nothing. I can drink the whole bottle before he could open the second one.

We made a quick pit stop at Camperdown cellars and picked up another 2 bottles of wine. We park at my work and walk up Martin Place only to get distract by the Lindt cafe. We quickly duck in and grab a coffee each and some Strawberry Delice. After dropping all our stuff off at the Domain, we sat down and enjoyed our coffee before even pulling out the picnic rug. Once we had our spots marked, out came the food.

Moishii brought some delicious home made mixed cheese pide:

Whilst I managed to find enough stuff to knock up a few dishes in the 2 hours I had to cook and entertain at the same time:

Roast chicken and olive pasta

Baked stuffed mushrooms with a sweet chilli glaze

Mixed berry financiers

The view before it got packed

15mins after getting there, we cracked open the first bottle of wine. Infact, SOME people was so desperate for alcohol, they threw half of their coffee away!

MmMmm wine......

Moishii's lonely picnic basket

About 2 hours late was Matt and Laura, who rocked up with some bread and alcohol. (I made it clear that I wasn't catering for anyone else!) We had finished all our food by then, so Matt quickly tried to catch up by drinking double the alcohol. Actually, I didn't post the photo up because Matt is being a knob.....I posted the photo up on the photo and have a look at the enlargement. See anything? hehehe

The Domain quickly got packed out. Not as packed at Symphony in the Domain, but I wouldn't run through the park naked anytime soon...

Some of the short films were really good. My favourite would've been a toss up between "Road Rage" and "The Von". Luckily they both got into the top 3!! Some of the other films.....well......I thought it was just me until I turned to Moishii and said:

Me: "Is it me, or is this movie quite shit?"
Moishii: "Its quite shit."
Me: "And it doesn't make sense..."
Moishii: "Nah, I don't get it either."

Maybe it was us not paying attention, maybe it was too arty-farty for me. Or maybe, it was just quite shit. Either way, we had a wonderful day out. Its been awhile since the both of us has had a good drinking session. I think Gold Coast would've been the last decent piss-up. Lets see if I can organise another one of these days.....

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