Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back on the Bento wagon

Even though I haven't blogged, it doesn't mean that I've stopped with the bento boxes. Work has just been too hectic for blogging, and a few days even too hectic to wack together a bento box. Here are the bentos I did manage to make though.

Left: Udon (Soup in a seperate container) and a container of salad dressing to dip the veggies in
Top right: Blanched wonga bok, carrots and a boiled bunny egg*
Bottom right: Chicken patties

*not real bunny

Left: Stir fried vegetable udon
Top right: Fresh strawberries
Bottom right: Miso chicken fillets

Left: Veggie tomato fried rice
Top right: Cherry tomatoes, seafood sticks and a container of honey mustard
Bottom right: Beef patties

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