Wednesday, October 8, 2008

De Malaya - North Ryde

My brother in law loves Singaporean and Malaysian food, luckily, so does most of our family. So when his Singaporean friends recommended De Malaya, we just had to give it a go. A last minute decision meant I had to leave work early to get home in time, so we could try and beat the peak hour traffic to North Ryde.

45mins later, we finally pull up to De Malaya. Luckily my brother in law knew roughly where it was, because I would've driven right on pass. De Malaya is situated almost in the middle of nowhere, with houses on either side and not another restaurant in sight. There's a small car park next to the restaurant making it easier for us to usher the kids in and out.

We were the second table of people there and practically had the restaurant to ourselves (considering we outnumbered the other table 2 to 1!). This is a truely a no nonsense buffet style restaurant.

Plate #1

Chicken curry, otak otak, ham and chicken roll, paper baked chicken, chicken satay, fried chicken wings and hainese chicken rice.

As you can tell, I love my chicken. A lot of the food was really nice and authentic even though the quality suffered a bit being in a bain marie. Since we were the early group there, some of the food had started to get cold. But as the night went on and more food came out, everything was piping hot and so fresh. My absolute favourite would be the fried chicken wings and the fried baby fish (in photo below - bottom left corner).

More fried stuff

Salt and pepper prawns, char kuey teow, satay chicken, cold mussels, fried chicken wing, spring roll, fried tofu, ham and chicken roll and fried baby fish.


There were heaps of other non-fried dishes available, like DIY Laksa, Bakuteh, heaps of salads and other cold entrees. I didn't bother taking photos of everything, I was too busy eating!

Anyway, I was so stuffed by the end of the meal, that I barely had room for dessert:


Fruit, pickle, fried banana and agar agar

De Malaya
122-124 Wicks Rd
North Ryde NSW 2113
Phone: (02) 9878 3833

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