Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Savoury french toast

I've been meaning to blog about this for ages, and by ages, I mean a year. I cooked these almost a year ago, but I "misplaced" the photos. And by "misplaced", I mean I tranferred them to my laptop and completely forgot to transfer them back onto my PC. I also found a whole heap of other photos I completely forgot about, so expect an enslaught of posts.

I think I saw this recipe in a Bill Granger's cook book once. I don't remember the exact book, but I do remember the photo making a huge impression on me. Again, it was one of those obsessive cravings, where I see it today, and I'll obsess over it every day until I make it. It usually takes me about 3 days to completely crack.

This recipe is so simple I'm not even sure I should bother writing it? I basically spreaded some mustard onto thickly sliced bread and sandwich a load of ham and wedges of camembert cheese within in. Dunk the whole sandwich in an egg and milk mixture and pan fry with a little oil.

My babies in the pan

Side shot with oooozey cheese

This was so simple yet delicious. The bread was slightly crispy on the outside, but super soft and fluffy on the inside. The cheese had melted and started to ooze its way out of the sandwich. Perfect as a light meal. I tried to eat the second sandwich, but I had put a bit too much camembert cheese in the first one and was way too full to finish the second.

This will work great with any other savoury filling.

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