Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bodega that didn't happen - Wood & Stone

For me and my friend's birthday, one of our friends decided to take us both out to dinner instead of getting us a gift because we're too hard to shop for. We chose Bodega Tapas bar and agreed to meet there at 6:30pm since they didn't take bookings. We arrive earlier than expected as we had hoped to get a seat or atleast wait at the bar. Unfortunately, even 6:15 is too late to get a table at Bodega! They reckon we would have to wait til 8:30pm before we get seated. We ordered a cocktail whilst we waited for our other friend to show up.

Surly Temple

And let me say, even just a single cocktail indicated how good the food is that we're missing out on! This cocktail was amazing! Luckily I took down the list of ingredients they used to make it and will be attempting to recreate it myself. Now I might need to try a few just so I get the taste right....

My friend eventually arrives after 7pm. Since we were all starving, we decided to go look for somewhere else to eat instead. We were driving around for a good 20mins trying to find a particular Italian restaurant we visited 3 years ago. We had no address and no name. Eventually, hunger got the better of us and we headed down to Surry Hills instead. My friend was keen on trying Wood & Stone, who happened to have free tables! Woohoo!! Food!

Antipasto/Mezze Platter

We ordered the antipasto / mezza platter just to get our appetites going, not that mine really needed any help. I was about to eat the table I was so hungry. The platter came with a variety of dips, grilled vegetables, olives, cheese, salad and pita bread. Something best enjoyed with a glass of wine and nice conversation. Me? I was just shovelling the food into my gob hehe

Caprese Salad

I thought this was going to be more like a tradition Caprese Salad. Big slices of tomato and milky white mozerella. Instead, 75% of the dish was rocket, scattered with a few slices of tomato and bocconcini. It was nice, but not what I was after. Need more cheeeeeeeese! CHEEEEEESE!!

Bianco Seafood Pizza

Unfortunately, it looks like Stone and Wood uses a premade type of pizza base. Definitely not the thin italian base I was hoping for. However, with that said, the combination of toppings on the pizza was delicious! Fresh plump seafood, garlic, cheese, fresh cracked pepper with a squeeze of lemon was perfect. We opted for the Bianco base, as in white base as we didn't want any heavy tomato sauce masking the taste of the seafood.

Chicken and Avocado Pizza

Again, a great combination of flavours. Big chunks of chicken with creamy avocado, veggies and fresh herbs. Would've been better on a fresh made base.

We were all pining for dessert, but we were surprisingly stuffed after eating all that food. I didn't look that much considering it was 2 pizzas and 2 plates of mainly salad/veggies of some sort. The desserts looked good as well. Maybe next time!

Wood & Stone - Surry Hills
559 Crown St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone (02) 9319 0757

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Simon Food Favourites said...

i can't believe how much rocket they put in that salad. that's actually quite disgraceful. more like a rocket salad than a caprese salad. i actually think a caprese salad isn't even supposed to have any rocket in it, just tomato, mozzarella and basil. i would have actually complained to the manager and chef. rocket is just so overused these days — one of my pet hates at the moment. hope you get to try Bodega next time.

SoRMuiJAi said...

It was a disappointment, luckily for them I was so hungry I inhaled everything on sight. They could've given me cardboard topped with cheese and I would've eaten it! hehe