Thursday, February 11, 2010

RD's Cafe for Tetsuya's favourite Laksa

One of my friends had a week long training course in the city. When she got back to the office, she immediately set up a lunch date with me. Apparently there's a little cafe on Kent St, all the way near the bridge, that has the best Laksas. Or so the ad says. The ad also mentions that their Laksa is one of Tetsuya Wakuda's favourites when his restaurant was on Kent St. This makes it a must try!

Its a fair hike from our office, especially sinces parts of them are uphill! We're sweating and panting by the time we get there. But I think that's just cos we're so unfit! haha

When we arrive, I couldn't believe the place will serve laksa. It actually looks like a standard cafe serving sandwiches, pastas and your standard hot box stuff. But in amongst the menu is a Laksa and other asian dishes section.

Chicken Laksa

We both opted for a chicken laksa on this occasion. Maybe our expectations were too high because Tetsuya says he likes the Laksa, or he can taste something I can't. Or maybe Mr Wakuda's just never been to Malay Chinese. But I find the Laksa broth lacking in that rich intense flavour I've come to expect from a good Laksa. Whilst its not bad, it really doesn't compare to Malay Chinese. For people around that area, its a great dish to have on a hot summer's day when you're craving laksa but don't want anything heavy. But if you're looking for the rich comforting spicy kick of a Laksa broth, then this probably won't satisfy that craving.

RD's Cafe
167 Kent St
Millers Point NSW 2000

Phone (02) 9252 5284

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joey@FoodiePop said...

Oh well, at least you got a good walk out of it! That's a win, unless of course it was in the stifling heat and humidity of yesterday ....

SoRMuiJAi said...

haha thank goodness it wasn't so disgustingly hot! Thank goodness Malay Chinese is so much closer!!

Simon Food Favourites said...

i've tried this one. the presentation is quite nice and different but it's nothing like any other laksa i've had in town. it's more a coconut milky broth when i had it and i don't even think the chicken is good in the broth but just added. i took the statement by tetsuya with a grain of salt. i reckon you should investigate further and see where it came from. perhaps tetsuya just visited one day and had some laksa their and the owner asked what do you think and tetsuya was just being nice at the time and said it's nice and ever since they've used it as their claim to fame. if malay chinese is a 10 this one would be a 4-5 on my scale. i've learnt every laksa place in town says their one is the best — it's quite funny.

SoRMuiJAi said...

Agree with you there Simon. I've yet to find another Laksa that rivals Malay Chinese. Its actually the Laksa that I've ever liked. I wasn't a fan of Laksa before Malay Chinese!!