Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Menya Ramen

Never let me order when I'm starving. I was almost tempted to order Menya Godzilla challenge I was so hungry! But the little voice in my head was telling me to stop being a greedy pig and order something else. So I settled for a Menya Value Box instead.

The Menya Value box comes with a small size of the Menya Ramen, Salad, Rice and a choice of a main meal. The main meal is either chicken schnitzel, Karage Chicken, Teriyaki chicken, Teriyaki beef, Today's teriyaki fish or Salmon sashimi (+$2).

Menya Ramen

The soup was flavoursome rich. Luckily it came in a small bowl as it was 30+ degrees and I don't think I could've finished a whole bowl of this soup.

Karage Chicken

Very crispy and moist. Just needs more mayo! hehe

Salad with a baby triangle thingy

Oh, and I was worried that the Menya value box wouldn't have enough food to satisfy my stomach, so I ordered a serve of Takoyaki as well. Its ok, I shared this with my friend.


I was quite disappointed by theTakoyaki as they were clearly precooked (if no frozen) then deep fried to reheat it. Definitely won't be ordering this again.

The Menya Value box is true to its name. Its good value! For $15, I was so stuffed I couldn't finish the box (let alone Takoyaki as well!). Both me and my friend left the rice pretty much untouched and just ate all the goodies! hehe

Menya Ramen
Shop TG8, 8 Quay Street
Haymarket NSW 2000
(Ph) 02 9212 1020

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