Friday, February 19, 2010

Kura 2

I've walked past Kura 2 many times. It was only recently that I realised why the Kura menu looked so familiar. Kura 2, is a branch of Kura the original, which is the little hole in the wall Japanese restaurant on the corner of Thomas St and Ultimo rd behind Market City. I used to frequent Kura the original, but never knew the name of the place. I just remembered cheap food and huge servings.

Since Kura the original is always quite packed, I decided to try Kura 2 for a bit of a nostalgic fix. Kura 2 has a fairly large variety of dishes, with the option to add in a side dish for a few extra dollars. However, this option is only available with certain dishes. I.e. not available with noodles!

I went for my all time favourite, Nabeyaki Udon.

Nabeyaki Udon

I forgot how big the serves were and had a bit of a fright when they put this pot down infront of me.

The soup is flavoursome and not overly rich for a hot summers night. Usually you only get 1 tempura prawn, so I was pleasantly surprised to see 2! Not to mention all the other goodies buried in the pot. I quickly fish out my tempura prawns and place it on a plate. I hate having soggy tempura, even though it does impart all the yummy fried goodness into the soup. Plus, I leave it til last so I can enjoy every last bite!

My friend ordered the Katsudon with a side dish of Karage Chicken that we both shared.

Karage Chicken

The Karage chicken was nice and crispy and not overly oily. My only complaint was that it should have been doused with kewpie mayo! Because like bacon, everything tastes just that little better with Kewpie Mayo!


Miso soup

My friend rated the Katsudon as good for Australian standards, but average by Japan standards. So I guess that's....good.....right? *shurgs*

The serves are quite big, regardless of the price you pay. And in this case, the prices are very decent as well. Certainly great value for a quick feed, especially when you're starving and low on cash!

Kura 2
Corner of Dixon St and Liverpool St
Sydney, NSW

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