Sunday, February 12, 2006

mMMMmmMMmMMmm Food......

I feel bad that I'm not always home. I'm usually home mon-wed (mostly home...) and usually thurs-sat I'm usually out. Sunday is the only day that I get to be at home the whole day and can actually cook a meal for my parents. Since both my parents are chefs, and my mum's dad is one awesome chef who used to cook for the government officials and passed all his skills on to my mum, I have no chance in competing with them in chinese cooking. So what do I do? I cook anything but chinese. I'll cook Italian, Japanese, Thai and even a good old roast, simply because I know that I would be unchallenged in those cuisines. Don't get me wrong, I can cook chinese, infact, I'm half decent (Had to be considering I was raised in a restaurnt), but I've been eating chinese food for a good 25 years day in day out, its not something I would cook in my spare time. So this is what I have been whipping up the past 2 weeks:

Chicken and vegetable "Shepards Pie"

Chicken and Mushroom pastry with mashed potatoes, brocolli and a white sauce

Apple, berry and walnut pie

Here are some photos from our last cookout:

From top left: Wild mushroom risotto (me), Chicken and rocket salad (Cookiez), Thai chicken balls (Petals) and Chicken crepes (Tze)

As you can tell.....we love our chicken.....