Sunday, April 23, 2006


I've done a Roast Chicken, Beef and Lamb all to perfection (Well, as perfect as a WELL DONE piece of roast can be since my parents faint at the sight of blood). I rarely ever eat pork. I eat mince, bacon, ham and ribs, but not a big chunk of pork. The last time I attempted a pork roast ala Jamie Oliver style with Fennel, I used the wrong type of wine and ended up with a very sour piece of pork. This time I played it safe. Roasted Herb Pork with Crackling.

KKK - Krispy, Krunchy Krackling ......

Nice Juicy Loin of Pork......

.......served with Roast Vegetables and Barley

Pretty darn good even if I say so myself!


I used to drink coffee all the time in uni. It was more out of necessity than enjoyment. I enjoyed coffee, but I usually only drank coffee when we had exams or assignments due, or we were skipping class and needed somewhere to hang out. Uni finished and the amount of coffee I had cut back dramatically. I would have tea or maybe an instant coffee here and there when I was working in Crows Nest. But that was until Garfish opened.

It then became a daily ritual. I'd rock up to work around 8:30-8:45, dump my bags and log into my computer. I would turn on IRC, MSN and have a quick check of my email. At 9am, when the crew had all arrived at work, we would all troop across the road to Garfish for our morning coffee. Even if one of us were running late or was too busy to go, someone would ensure that they got their early morning dose of coffee. And when we went was vital to good coffee. Leah, the genuis in coffee making, would stop making coffees around 9:30-10 for her break. If Leah wasn't making coffees that morning, we would turn tail and head back to work. She somehow knew how to make the most perfect Mocha EVER. Anyone can brew coffee, but only Leah could get the Coffee to chocolate syrup to milk ration perfect. You never had to add sugar in your coffee because it would always be just perfect.

Ever since I left Crows Nest and moved into the city, I've given up drinking Mochas. Since I couldn't find anyone to rival Leah's Mochas, I gave up all together. Me and Moishii has always been meaning to go for breakfast on a Saturday morning (Since thats when Leah works) but we never got around to it. If we are in Crows Nest at night, we usually head to New Orleans cafe instead. Last night we desperately needed a Garfish coffee, even if it wasn't made by Leah, along with their most gorgeous and decadent waffles.

Fresh Belgian Waffles with Hokey Pokey Ice Cream, Caramel and Almonds

Top: My favourite Garfish Mocha
Bottom: Mango Creme Brulee with Tulip Biscuit

Notice the big chunks of fresh Mango.....

It may not be a Leah made Mocha, and we'll never get another Leah made Mocha since she quit a week ago, but it was still a damn fine Mocha. Its the best I'm going to get for a long long time. Meanwhile, the waffles was just perfect. Warm and sticky and really hits the spot for us. The Mango Creme Brulee was truely a masterpiece. If you've seen me react over a Green Tea Creme Brulee, this one twice as good! Now I just have to learn how to make it!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Winter Comfort food

Lamb Pot Roast turned Casserole served with Roasted Vegetables, Green Bean casserole and fresh steaming hot rice! (Can't be asian if you don't serve rice to mop up the sauce!)

MmmmMmm next challenge? Roasted pork with crackling. :D

Pie? Quiche? Frittata?

Salmon Pie/Quiche/Frittata thing served with garlic mash, brocolli and heaps of gravy!

Pineapple and Ginger upsidedown cake

MmmMmmm Hot pineapple and ginger upside down cake served with a dollop of ice cream during winter is oh so yummmmmm! Even if I do say so myself!