Thursday, August 23, 2007

Home cooked dinner and the photo swap

It was pouring down rain on the weekend. The plan was to stay home in bed with my DVDs and my big pot of freshly cooked Pork Belly in young coconut juice with eggs and quail eggs. And since I had to leave work early on Friday because I was so sick, I thought it was the perfect way to recover.

However, Moishii called me and asked if I wanted to come over to swap photos, since he had the house to himself, and he even offered to cook me dinner! How could I refuse? Besides, my Pork Belly dish always taste better the next day. But since Moishii offered to cook, I thought I should contribute by bringing freshly homebaked peanut butter cookies. All wrapped up Rome style of course.

So in the pouring rain, I grab my laptop and my special package of cookies and slowly drive over to Moishii's place. I walk into the house and can I could smell something cooking. Moishii had made my favourite lentil soup! In the last trip, and the trip before, whenever I got sick (which is always in Istanbul) I would want lentil soup. Ever since the first time I tried it, I've been completely converted on Turkish Soup. Seeing the big pot of warm and comforting lentil soup was the best way to brighten my mood after driving in the horrid weather. Plus I was really sick that weekend as well! So whilst Moishii continued to cook dinner, I busied myself with doing the photo thing whilst we played the holiday videos on the background. Hey, I did offer to help you know??

Anyway, Moishii ended up cooking me a 3 course meal!! I'm surprised he did such a great job since he was tanked on wine!

In action

In action - close up

My favourite lentil soup and it was delicious!!

Greek salad - Turkish style

Table view

Me infront of the feast!

My plate all piled up

Sugar coated strawberries

Moishii with the cookie present

Peanut butter cookies

After completely pigging out on a delicious meal, Moishii put on a massive pot of Cay (Turkish Tea), and pulled out his secret stash of cubed sugar (I LOVE cay with cubed sugar!) where we sat down and slowly went through our photos whilst recapping some of the highlights of the trip. It did help with the videos playing in the background to jog our memories. Infact, we had ALOT of videos...

Yes....anyway, we finally got a copy of each other's photos. I took 4200 photos on my DSLR, and EASILY another 500+ on my point and shoot. Thats 4700 photos!! Crap! Oh wells, its better to have more photos than not enough photos to remember the trip. But anything I forget, I'm sure I can recap with Moishii over tea on a rainy day. Thanks for the lovely meal Moishii!! Lets do it again! HEhehe