Monday, April 30, 2007

Bavarian Bier Cafe - Revisted when sober

Work and life has been really chaotic lately, meaning I haven't had a lot of time to catch up with Moishii. Since we both enjoy the Bavarian Bier Cafe and we haven't been back since Marco's drunk birthday bash, we headed off to the York St. This time, the place was packed til bursting point.

We arrived early and our table wasn't ready. So we opted to wait outside on the street since I really can't handle the noise right now. As we're standing around the corner enjoying some much needed silence, I spotted him.

Who is "Him"? "Him" is the guy that tried to hit on Moishii whilst we were at Luciana's party! My first reaction was to chase. So I grabbed Moishii's arm and started dragging him through the city and through a suburb to catch the guy only to grab a photo and run! Like WTF? I don't know what possesses me to do these things.

After we huffed and puffed our way back to the restaurant, we finally get seated. We had an absolutely delightful waitress called Tina serve us and within 10mins, we had food and drinks!

BBQ Octopus Greek Salad

This was absolutely mouth watering. The Octopus had a lovely BBQ charcoal aroma, the fetta was creamy and the salad was soooooo refreshing. I am definately going to order this again!

Mixed Sausage Platter

We both went for the mixed sausage platter since we didn't know the difference between all the different types of sausages. And what better way to learn than to get a mixed platter? The only thing is, they keep telling me the names, but I keep forgetting. Lets just say it was really good! And the mashed potatoes, crispy onion rings and bier jus went when the sausages just perfectly. I'm not a huge fan of sauerkraut so I left most of it untouched. Well, it was more to do the with the fact that I was WAY TOO FULL!!! So why did we order dessert?

Peach Melba

Beats me. But it was refreshing! The peaches were sitting on a bed of berry coulis and was topped with a cool creamy vanilla ice cream. Actually, we liked the ice cream more than anything else. I think its to do with the fact that we so rarely eat vanilla ice cream now days.

And to wash it all down? Peppermint tea. Until the next visit to the Bavarian Bier Cafe!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Malay-Chinese Takeaway - The best Laksa in Sydney

I guess this place is no longer a secret based on the number of people that rock up every lunch time (Especially after they made it into SMH). The Malay-Chinese Takeaway shop on Hunter St is famous for their laksa. Walk in any day of the week, and you see all the tables packed with people slurping down their delicious laksa that is spicy and comforting. The secret to their laksa is that they don't use just coconut milk like the other restaurants. They actually use a combination of coconut milk and normal milk. This gives it a creamy but not overly rich taste meaning you can drink every last drop of the soup and still not feel sick. OK, you can feel sick when you are so full but you won't stop eating because it tastes sooooooo good!

Skinless Chicken and Veggies

Seafood and Veggies

I first tried their laksa almost 2 years ago. First week at work, I got invited along to their weekly laksa lunch and I've been hooked every since. I've also got a lot of friends hooked as well! This is a no frills place. You get your own cutlery, the plastic bowls and spoons have been stained yellow from serving thousands of laksas every week. This is not a place is sit and chat for a leisurely lunch. Even if the owners are happy for you to stay, its the 50 odd people lining up against the wall, all the way out the restaurant, who stand there giving you dirties if you don't up and leave the minute you finish your last drop of soup. I've even had people squeeze into the one spare seat we've got left on the table, and sit there staring at us until we've finished eating.

Ontop of the laksa, they also serve a whole range of other Malay and Chinese dishes. Theres always a special of the day. Usually its either Har Mee (Prawn noodle soup), Tom Yum Noodle Soup or Mee Siam (Stir fried rice noodles with a tangy sauce). Their Har Mee is always popular, and so is their Combination Hor Fun (Rice Noodles), but no where near the popularity of their laksa. Just remember to wear black when you go in case of splatterage. (Otherwise you can buy a bib from them)

Malay-Chinese Takeaway
Shop 1, 50-58 Hunter St

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lunch @ Bavarian Bier Cafe - O'Connell St

One of our friends is heading off to the UK with wife to show off his new born son. (New as in 6 months old) and thought we should catch up for a beer or two before he's off for a few weeks. Since we all worked in the City, we headed off to the Bavarian Bier Cafe in O'Connell St. After a lot of confusion and people heading off to the York St one, we all managed to gather for a beer or two. I was being good and stuck to water. *GASP**SHOCK**HORROR* I know! But I had a long day left at work and falling asleep on the job was not going to help me.

We ordered off the bar menu, and originally I was too lazy to take photos. But when my Wagyu Beef burger came out, I just HAD to take a photo of it:

This thing is HUGE!! See that stick through the middle of the burger? Thats a satay stick stick. This burger was so big I couldn't just pick it up to eat, I had to cut it in half before I could even tackle this beast! Of course, that meant that I get a great innards shot:

MmmMMmm meat...... *Homer Simpson drool face* I've never had a burger that isn't 100% cooked, and this was a perfect way to introduce me to a rare burger patty. Its a shame that the wagyu beef was turned into a patty, if it was wagyu beef at all. Not that I can tell when its in a patty form. But this burger was damn good! And damn HUGE! I gave half of it to my workmate and I still couldn't finish my meal! I had chips leftover. I NEVER have chips leftover. But I had chips leftover! And did I mention the burger was good? But for $17, it better be damn good.

I would've taken photos of the other food, but once you pick this baby up, you do not let go, otherwise everything will just fall to bits! And reconstructing it will be a real problem considering the size of this thing!

Za Pina

Originally we had planned on eating at the Australian, but the Australian was packed like a can of sardines. Since we had our heart set on Pizza, we decided to give Za Pina a go. Za Pina, the tiny little Italian Restaurant on George St near Argyle St at the Rocks. Always packed whenever we walk by. Usually we're either heading towards Lowenbrau, or stumbling away from Lowenbrau. This time, we were sober enough to walk in and score a table.

Cookies, still salivating over the most delicious octopus we have ever eaten at The Athenian, went and ordered a BBQ Octopus salad.

This was.......horrid. I'm serious. This was really, really, REALLY BAD. The octopus was DEFINITELY NOT FRESH. It had been marinated for way too long in vinegar, to the stage that the octopus disintegrates in your mouth. Me being the pig I am, took a bite before Cookies even got a chance, and my face practically warned her off the dish. Thing......gnocci....that's been boiling for about 3 hours too long. Then soaked in Vinegar. The octopus did not need to be cut. The slight pressure from a fork was enough to cut them up......We quickly convinced Cookies to order a Penne Arribiata instead. That was very nice, now if only we had ordered that in the first place.

Four Seasons Pizza

I've ordered Four Seasons Pizza before, but nothing like this. One quarter was pure sliced frankfurts (Not even pepperoni). One quarter was just ham. And the last quarter was just Mushrooms. But the best quarter would be the one that was PURE ONIONS. Yes......I suggested that they jumble the ingredients around before eating it......

Mexicana Pizza

I went with my usual Mexicana Pizza. It was very nice and spicy, and the crust wasn't too bad. But it wasn't the best one I've had.

Lets just say I was very disappointed with my experience here. I don't understand why there is a constant line of people trying to get into this restaurant. What annoyed me even more was that before we had even finished eating, the bill was on our table. Have they even considered we might have wanted dessert? But then considering the standard of food, we wouldn't be getting any dessert from them either.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Catchup with Alex

Its becoming a habit of mines. Wake up early on a Saturday morning, get to Manly and spend 1.5hrs playing beach volleyball. Get home, shower, eat and then pass out in bed. Maybe its the early start, or the sun, or the workout, or the hangover I usually have from the Friday night, but I am absolutely knackered by the time I get home.

Last Saturday me and Moishii had Tickets to Alex Dimitriade's new play "The Nightwatchman". The play was at the Stable Theatre in Kings Cross. We've been there once before, and knew that there was no where decent near there for coffee. So we met up early and stopped by Infernos at Broadway for a coffee to keep us awake.

Well.....more than one coffee.....

We were also peckish, so we ordered a bruschetta to share.

This is easily one of the best bruschetta's I've ever had! It was sooooooo tasty! It was.....meaty. I don't know how to explain it. Eating it made you think you were eating meat of some sort. It wasn't vegetarian at all!

Anyway, back to the play. We loved it! The performance was brilliant and I loved the storyline. If only it was in a bigger theatre. But then maybe thats the charm. I'm not going to spoil the story, plus its hard to explain without doing injustice to it. The only thing I can say is the play made me thirsty. During the play, the characters drink bottle after bottle of wine! By the intermission, I was dying for a drink! We shoved people out of the way, stormed down the stairs (Almost tripping and killing ourselves) and quickly ordered a few glasses of wine:

Me gobbling the wine down

We've taken photos with Alex before, but they turned out really horrible. It looked like we were going to a funeral or something. So we decided we needed new photos:

Much better.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Still recovering, but here's the Italian Festival

I've had 2 massive weekends, and its taking me awhile to even blog about it. After the Pr0n Party, me and Moishii managed to drag our sorry asses out of the house and over to Leichhardt to the Italian Festival. This is one festival we always go to. I think its because the first time we went, I ended up in argument with some promo biatch who was trying to rip us off our money. Ever since then, we've always made an effort to go to the Italian festival. Plus we both love Italian Food, and what can beat a fresh hot Aracini? Anyway, I'm still recovering, so here are some photos and a few descriptive words.

Crowded streets

Fake Gozleme

Both of us absolutely love Gozleme. So the first time we went to the Italian festival and saw an "Italian" version of the Gozleme, we just had to try it, and we've NEVER had it again. It is essentially pizza dough with Gozleme filling. Its not even made by Italians. We know this because they're speaking Turkish and Moishii can understand every single word. Maybe they thought it was wrong to have a Turkish Gozleme stall at an Italian Festival, but come on. That stuff is quite nasty. Imagine pizza dough, that isn't cooked properly, drenched in oil, with a little bit of filling that is swallowed up by the tasteless uncooked dough. NEVER AGAIN.

Espresso sets

Italian shaved ice

No idea who she is

Fresh Pizza

Pasta cooking demo

Capricciosa pizza

We had found a store that was selling really nice looking pizzas. I quickly snapped up a tray, whist the guy promised Moishii that the Margherita/vegetarian pizza was coming out of the oven in a matter of minutes. 10mins later, we're still standing around waiting for the pizza. We stormed off and ran back to the other pizza stall (The stand in the photo above) and grabbed a slice there within 15secs of arriving.

Chowing down a Margherita Pizza

We were going to go back to the other store and show the guy Moishii chowing down another shop's pizza and truely enjoying it, but as we were discussing that, I took a bite out of my pizza, and somehow, both the pizza and the tray went flying up in the air, did a few somersaults where I slapped them around a few times with my hands and ended on the ground. So here I was, sitting on the kerb by the street, staring at my pizza face down on the ground. Well, theres only one way to deal with a situation like this. Go get more food.

Fresh hot aracini

The aracini was good, but not as good as the ones I get from the Burwood plaza deli. I usually microwave that one and it still tastes better than any I've ever had. Anyway, enough of the Italian Festival. I'm going back to bed.....