Sunday, April 1, 2007

Still recovering, but here's the Italian Festival

I've had 2 massive weekends, and its taking me awhile to even blog about it. After the Pr0n Party, me and Moishii managed to drag our sorry asses out of the house and over to Leichhardt to the Italian Festival. This is one festival we always go to. I think its because the first time we went, I ended up in argument with some promo biatch who was trying to rip us off our money. Ever since then, we've always made an effort to go to the Italian festival. Plus we both love Italian Food, and what can beat a fresh hot Aracini? Anyway, I'm still recovering, so here are some photos and a few descriptive words.

Crowded streets

Fake Gozleme

Both of us absolutely love Gozleme. So the first time we went to the Italian festival and saw an "Italian" version of the Gozleme, we just had to try it, and we've NEVER had it again. It is essentially pizza dough with Gozleme filling. Its not even made by Italians. We know this because they're speaking Turkish and Moishii can understand every single word. Maybe they thought it was wrong to have a Turkish Gozleme stall at an Italian Festival, but come on. That stuff is quite nasty. Imagine pizza dough, that isn't cooked properly, drenched in oil, with a little bit of filling that is swallowed up by the tasteless uncooked dough. NEVER AGAIN.

Espresso sets

Italian shaved ice

No idea who she is

Fresh Pizza

Pasta cooking demo

Capricciosa pizza

We had found a store that was selling really nice looking pizzas. I quickly snapped up a tray, whist the guy promised Moishii that the Margherita/vegetarian pizza was coming out of the oven in a matter of minutes. 10mins later, we're still standing around waiting for the pizza. We stormed off and ran back to the other pizza stall (The stand in the photo above) and grabbed a slice there within 15secs of arriving.

Chowing down a Margherita Pizza

We were going to go back to the other store and show the guy Moishii chowing down another shop's pizza and truely enjoying it, but as we were discussing that, I took a bite out of my pizza, and somehow, both the pizza and the tray went flying up in the air, did a few somersaults where I slapped them around a few times with my hands and ended on the ground. So here I was, sitting on the kerb by the street, staring at my pizza face down on the ground. Well, theres only one way to deal with a situation like this. Go get more food.

Fresh hot aracini

The aracini was good, but not as good as the ones I get from the Burwood plaza deli. I usually microwave that one and it still tastes better than any I've ever had. Anyway, enough of the Italian Festival. I'm going back to bed.....

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