Thursday, April 19, 2007

Malay-Chinese Takeaway - The best Laksa in Sydney

I guess this place is no longer a secret based on the number of people that rock up every lunch time (Especially after they made it into SMH). The Malay-Chinese Takeaway shop on Hunter St is famous for their laksa. Walk in any day of the week, and you see all the tables packed with people slurping down their delicious laksa that is spicy and comforting. The secret to their laksa is that they don't use just coconut milk like the other restaurants. They actually use a combination of coconut milk and normal milk. This gives it a creamy but not overly rich taste meaning you can drink every last drop of the soup and still not feel sick. OK, you can feel sick when you are so full but you won't stop eating because it tastes sooooooo good!

Skinless Chicken and Veggies

Seafood and Veggies

I first tried their laksa almost 2 years ago. First week at work, I got invited along to their weekly laksa lunch and I've been hooked every since. I've also got a lot of friends hooked as well! This is a no frills place. You get your own cutlery, the plastic bowls and spoons have been stained yellow from serving thousands of laksas every week. This is not a place is sit and chat for a leisurely lunch. Even if the owners are happy for you to stay, its the 50 odd people lining up against the wall, all the way out the restaurant, who stand there giving you dirties if you don't up and leave the minute you finish your last drop of soup. I've even had people squeeze into the one spare seat we've got left on the table, and sit there staring at us until we've finished eating.

Ontop of the laksa, they also serve a whole range of other Malay and Chinese dishes. Theres always a special of the day. Usually its either Har Mee (Prawn noodle soup), Tom Yum Noodle Soup or Mee Siam (Stir fried rice noodles with a tangy sauce). Their Har Mee is always popular, and so is their Combination Hor Fun (Rice Noodles), but no where near the popularity of their laksa. Just remember to wear black when you go in case of splatterage. (Otherwise you can buy a bib from them)

Malay-Chinese Takeaway
Shop 1, 50-58 Hunter St


Lydia said...

Have you tried their prawn noodle? The other day I passed by the restaurant(shop?) was attracted by the prawn noodle's aroma.

SoRMuiJAi said...

I've had their har mee(prawn nooodle), but I've never been a fan of har mee in general. But I do see alot of people there ordering the har mee when its available! I'm there mainly for the laksa, and I didn't like laksa before I discovered them!

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