Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Catchup with Alex

Its becoming a habit of mines. Wake up early on a Saturday morning, get to Manly and spend 1.5hrs playing beach volleyball. Get home, shower, eat and then pass out in bed. Maybe its the early start, or the sun, or the workout, or the hangover I usually have from the Friday night, but I am absolutely knackered by the time I get home.

Last Saturday me and Moishii had Tickets to Alex Dimitriade's new play "The Nightwatchman". The play was at the Stable Theatre in Kings Cross. We've been there once before, and knew that there was no where decent near there for coffee. So we met up early and stopped by Infernos at Broadway for a coffee to keep us awake.

Well.....more than one coffee.....

We were also peckish, so we ordered a bruschetta to share.

This is easily one of the best bruschetta's I've ever had! It was sooooooo tasty! It was.....meaty. I don't know how to explain it. Eating it made you think you were eating meat of some sort. It wasn't vegetarian at all!

Anyway, back to the play. We loved it! The performance was brilliant and I loved the storyline. If only it was in a bigger theatre. But then maybe thats the charm. I'm not going to spoil the story, plus its hard to explain without doing injustice to it. The only thing I can say is the play made me thirsty. During the play, the characters drink bottle after bottle of wine! By the intermission, I was dying for a drink! We shoved people out of the way, stormed down the stairs (Almost tripping and killing ourselves) and quickly ordered a few glasses of wine:

Me gobbling the wine down

We've taken photos with Alex before, but they turned out really horrible. It looked like we were going to a funeral or something. So we decided we needed new photos:

Much better.

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