Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Iron Chef cure

After leaving my Christmas party early because I was so sick, I took the next day off work since I couldn't possible handle sitting in the office for 8 hours suffering. However, I'm not much of a rester. Moishii once pointed out to me that I can't relax. When we're on holidays, I'm forever storming around like my ass is on fire. When we go to the beach to chill, 15mins after lying down, I'm screaming that we need to get into the water. So asking me to lie in bed all day, AFTER sleeping for 13hours was not going to happen. So what did I do? I went yum cha with my family for lunch...Hey, if it doesn't kill you, it must be good for you right???
We hopped onto the train, and 30mins later, we were at Cabramatta. Across the road from the train station (Not the busy side of the station) is Iron Chef. Now I LOVEEEEEEEE Iron Chef. I particulary love Sakai, and running a close second is Iron Chef Chen. So I was hoping the quality of the food would live up to the name of the restaurant.

Tanks and tanks of live seafood

Nice spacious interior

One of the few Yum Cha places that list their prices
My must have "Har Gow" (Prawn Dumplings)

"Low Sar Bau" - Has a sweet and salty runny egg filling

Seafood dumplings

Beef balls.....errr...beef MEATballs

Family favourite of Chicken Feet

In between taking the kids to the toilet, mopping up spills, feeding the kids and the frantic stabbing of chopsticks by some people, I didn't get many photos after that. The food was good.....not Iron Chef standard though. But then its not like I actually KNOW what Iron Chef food tastes like.....but I don't think it was supposed to taste like that. Its supposed to be orgasmic! It should make the person moan out in delight with every mouthful! Ok...maybe not.....but it should atleast make you dream about the food long after you have finished eating!

The bill was modest and easy to get to by public transport. My parents have also been here for dinner before and they have great specials. Such as 25% off your ENTIRE bill on Tuesdays. The only problem is that everyone tries to take advantage of the offer and the first time they went, they ended up waiting for 2-3hrs just to get their food. So get there early if you want a cheap cheap dinner.


Thyme to Feast said...

I always drag my parents to Cabramatta when i go to visit them but i have never seen Iron Chef, I will have to check it out next time!

SoRMuiJAi said...

The food isn't bad. Servings arent as bad, but I suspect that they're cheaper than what you get in the city. But then considering they don't advertise their prices in the city, who knows how much it is! hehehe