Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Flying Fajita Sisters

I was going through my photos and realised I never blogged about the Flying Fajita Sisters (FFS - in the nice way). I guess I forgot all about it as it was on the day that I found out my Granddad passed away. But I had already made a date with Moishii to have a catch up as I didn't see him for almost 2 months. I had a quick look on the net for something in Glebe and picked the FFS. We met up and decided it was time to get trashed. Its been awhile. We walk into Liquorland and pick up 2 bottles of wine. One each.

We get to the restaurant and we're seated upstairs. I loved the decor of the place. It was so cute and charming. My only complaint would be all the wooden floors and walls didn't help minimise the sound. We ended up screaming at each other half the night. Mind you, that could be because of the alcohol. Talking about the alcohol, they had the strangest wine glasses. They're curved at the very top in such a way, you can barely drink from the glass without having to pour it down your throat. Once we mastered the technique, we downed half a bottle each before the food came out:

Trio of dips with corn and purple corn tortillas

Chicken Burrito with corn salsa and guacamole

Pulled pork Tamale with mole sauce

The food was fantastic. So fresh and flavoursome. It was a real contrast to the Baja Cantina, where the food seems to be heavier. We spent a good part of the night sitting there, eating, drink, laughing and talking about going on holidays again. All I can say is, good thing flight centre was closed.

After about 3 hours, the noise started getting to us, so we paid our bill and went to San Churros. No photos here since my camera died. But we gorged on churros and coffee before heading home for the night. I think I might have been tipsy...

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