Tuesday, June 17, 2008

GPO Woodfired Pizza

Since our work xmas party last year at GPO Martin Place, I've been addicted to the GPO Woodfired Pizza. I took one of my workmates there for our "World Safari" lunches since she missed out on the xmas party. Since we've move into different departments now, our World Safari lunches are once a month now.

Caprese Salad - Tomato, Bocconcini, mixed lettuce and balsamic vinegar

This isn't your traditional Caprese salad of just Tomato, Mozerella and Basil. It was still nice and refreshing. We thought we would be good and order a salad cos we were going to pig out on pizza!

Spicy Pizza of some sort

Salsiccia - Italian sausage, mushroom and spinach

The pizzas are incredibly light and crispy. Even though the pizzas look huge, the bases are quite thin. One large pizza will easily satisfy most hungry people. My favourite would have to be the Salsiccia pizza as it is loaded with mushrooms, and I love anything with mushrooms. The spicy pizza (Can't remember what its called) was a bit too oily and salty for my liking. I know a lot of guys love this as its the equivalent of a meat lovers. I've also had their Proscuitto and Funghi pizza, Potato pizza and Boscaiola. All were fantastic.

GPO Woodfired pizza is now open at night times. There's no bookings, but usually there are plenty of tables at lunch and dinner time.


petals said...

I like their pizzas...its really yummy...I think I had the proscuitto pizza the last time I was there. Its been a while now, though.

Have you had the pizza at Young Alfred's, Customs House, CQ? They are pretty good too and you can get "Surprise" toppings for the day. *LoL* If you are willing to live a bit on the wild side.

SoRMuiJAi said...

haven't been to alfreds. This is the customs house right next to the station near maccas right? Not the customs house bar (Which is on loftus st near the corner of bridge?).

My other favourite pizza right now is at Ryan's bar australia square. SO damn good! Gonna wait for the weather to be better before going again. I want to try rosso pomodoro though. Everytime we organise it at work, I always have something else on! GRRRRR