Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thai No. 1 - Ashfield

I was so happy when I finally got into Year 12, because that meant we were allowed to go out of school grounds to buy lunch! Most of the time we would go to the local chicken shop for some of the best chips and gravy in the world, maybe a piece of fried chicken, a viet pork roll or even some KFC. But every now and then, for a treat, we'll go to Thai No. 1 for a Thai fried rice. But since it was always cooked fresh to order, we spent most of our lunchtime waiting for the food and then scoffing down the searingly hot fried rice.

Since high school, I have rarely ever visited Thai No. 1 again. I was seriously craving Thai food in Ashfield one night and decided to go back, hoping the food was still the same.

The restaurant is small and simple in layout. You order and pay at the counter before they bring the food out to you. There are jugs of water and glasses you help yourself to, something I don't mind especially if it means cheaper food!

Speaking of food......

Marinated BBQ Chicken

I love the Thai marinated bbq meats. Thai No. 1's version tastes similar to a satay/curry rub on the meat. Moist, suculent and absolutely delicious! Especially if you dip it in the sweet chilli dressing.

Massaman Beef Curry

Massaman Beef is beautiful when done right. But there's been quite a few places I've been to that serves hunks of dry stringy beef thrown into a hastily made sauce. Thai No.1's version is nothing like that. Moist tender chunks of beef that you can break apart and mix into the sauce. Tender chunks of potatoes and a scattering of peanuts makes this a beautiful dish. I just wish there was more potatoes!

Chicken Cashew Nuts

My absolute favourite stir fry Thai dish. I always ask for extra sauce to ladel across my rice. They do a pretty good version of this! But I think my favourite will still have to Sumalee's version! hehe

Thai No 1
12 Charlotte Street
(Ph) 02 9797 7900

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