Monday, September 18, 2006

Family bonding

Coming from a family of chefs, you probably wouldn't be surprised that in our spare time, we like to cook. So thats what we did on the weekend:

Rice noodles (Hor Fun)

First the coating

Then the ingredients with a bit of wok action

Followed by yummmmmmminess!

And I can't have rice noodles without some century egg congee to mix with!

I like fire........ make yummy roasted marinated capsicums!

Salmon puff pie (Recipe courtesy of DMM)

All of that seems quite ordinary aye? True.....thats probably a normal lunch/dinner cooking thing that most families do on a weekend.....but what about mooncakes? Yep! That's right! Its that time of the year to start making mooncakes, and let me tell you something, we make the BEST 5-yun mooncakes (The nutty one). Not the crappy ones you get at the shops with a BIT of nuts and alot of fillers. No......ours is 99% nuts.....I know....because I spent 2 hours HAND CHOPPING over 3kg of nuts to make the first batch of fillings. And no I couldn't use a magic mix, or beat it with a rolling pin, it had to be hand chopped...otherwise it'll ruin the texture. So here is a few pics.......not too many so we don't give away our family secret recipe ;)

One down......

Another 98 to go.......

The little babies baking in the oven

The almost finished product!

I say almost finished because you cannot eat these for a few can, but it won't taste as nice. And it won't look as pretty. I might post a few more once they're ready...or maybe not. Maybe I'll spend my time eating them instead. :D


PiCkLeS said...

now that's my kinda weekend!

SoRMuiJAi said...

hehehe any weekend that involves ALOT of food is always good ems! I couldn't even be bothered taking piccies of my 2nd attempt with the dolmades and Tom Yum Goong, which I'm happy to announce that I have perfected! (Well......close to perfecting it)

Its going to be atleast another month before I get any free time to cook on the weekends so I thought I'd make the most of it! :D

Victoria A said...

mmmm mooncake!! :D~~~~~

PiCkLeS said...

well feel free to invite me over to eat =P

Walter Tully said...

Well, we're not a family of chefs, but we also love to cook during our family trips to parks. Good thing the recreation centers here in Denver have grilling stations. My wife's specialty is grilled vegan pizza, while mine is cajun grilled chicken. Ooh, my mouth is watering right now! Do you have any step-by-step baking instructions for mooncakes?