Sunday, June 3, 2007

Best way to end an eating spree

It was an interesting morning indeed. 3 girls in bed together makes for an interesting night's sleep ;) We took our time getting ready, enjoying the morning tv before we loaded ourselves into a cab and off to Bill's we went. It was probably closer to lunch than it was brunch by the time we got to Bill's. The good thing, however, was that we were STARVING! And that meant we can order more food!!

Apple Orange juice

Hot Chocolate

I spotted the hot chocolate whilst we were waiting to be seated, and god does that look good or what?? Real chocolate chips slowly melted with hot milk. MmMmm look at that melted chocolate.....

Caffiene for me!

Since the eating spree was purely for MnMs (Yeah right!) we decided to order all of Bill's famous dishes to share!

Corn fritters with bacon, tomatoes and spinach

Wagyu beef burger with fries, salad and tomato chutney

Famous scrambled eggs, bacon and sourdough toast

Ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter - for dessert

Close up of the honeycomb butter

MmMmm Molten river of melted honeycomb butter

The corn fritters were crispy and bursting with corn. The eggs were silky smooth and decadent whilst the burger came with the most delicious tomato chutney I've ever had! However, the outstanding winner had to be the ricotta hotcakes. Light and fluffy and definitely orgasmic! We were so full by the end of the meal, that we had to roll ourselves out of the restaurant, AGAIN. We decided to take a leisurely stroll back to Chinatown for some retail therapy.

After spending a whole heap of money on stuff we really don't need, we headed back towards the hotel where MnMs tried to shove me onto the road to get hit by a car because "the takoyaki place shut down". And somehow thats MY FAULT. Sheeesh woman! Get a grip!!

We went back to the hotel for a bit of a rest and packed our bags since me and cookies had to go home that night. We thought we'd take MnMs to our latest favourite Korean place instead of the usual BBQ City. (We figured if we took her to enough places, she'll eventually move up to Sydney just for the food!!) As we headed towards Sydney Madang, we had to make a pit stop for a bit more retail therapy. Nothing new to us ;)

Madang is such a hard place to find! We always walked past wondering why there are so many people congregating in a back alley. It was only a few weeks ago did we realise there was restaurant tucked into the dead end of a back alley. The place is forever packed and always frequented by Koreans. Must be a good sign hey?

First up, the side dishes:

Kim Chi like vegetables

Kim Chi

Salad (with the best nashi/onion dressing), mashed potato salad and fish cakes

Fried Soft shell crab salad

Kim chi and pork pancake

Soft tofu and seafood stew

Marinated fish and cold noodles with spicy sauce

Here's a few more photos from our previous trip to Madang:

More side dishes

Potato starch stir fry noodles

More pork and kimchi pancake

Fish roe stew

The food at Madang can almost rival the food at BBQ city. The fish roe stew, which has become our benchmark in rating korean restaurants was so nice! But also so different from BBQ City. Madang's stew seems to be a lot spicier and richer, whilst BBQ city is lighter and has a lovely seafood sweetness. Madang has more seafood, but BBQ City has more fish roe. Both just as good, but we can't really say which is better.

Their soft tofu stew was outstanding! I think I prefer their tofu stew to BBQ City's as they don't have egg in it. Don't get me wrong, I love egg, but I find Madang's version lighter. Their side dishes are also really really good. Probably not as good as BBQ City, but they have this really awesome salad with a grated nashi pear/onion like dressing that is soooooooo nice!!!

By the time we had finished eating everything, we were bloated again. And most of us had lost all feelings in our mouth, and some were even getting chilli headaches. But the food was so good, we would definitely be back again. And we won't be waiting for MnMs to be up again to eat at Madangs. So, woman, come back up to Sydney again soon!!!

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