Monday, June 4, 2007

Socceroos vs Uruguay

After spending Saturday morning trying to finish some work up, I spent the afternoon relaxing and getting all my gear ready for the Socceroos vs Uruguay soccer match. Camera was charged, snug winter gear was layered on, and of course, the all important Green and Gold supporter gear.

We all met up at the Stadium with our supporter gear. The seats we got were great! I would've preferred sitting a bit higher up as I prefer to see the whole field rather than a close up of the players. My friends, however, were more than happy with the seats. We arrived early enough t see all the players warm up, and of course, I had to get some good photos!

Security making sure a lunatic like me doesn't run onto the field

Qantas Choir - "I still call Australia Home"

I want his lens!!!

URGAY! hehehe

Cheering for the Socceroos!

This shot was taken literally 2 seconds before the Roos scored their first goal!

The crowd cheering! See the smoke?

Yep! Someone lit up a flare!

And they're hard to put out!

Security forces

Unfortunately, Uruguay won that match, but it was a friendly and it was a great game! (And I had a really sore throat by the end of the night) Its great to see the number of supporters for real football in Australia now days! Unfortunately, some people took it a bit too far, and got a bit too drunk. I almost got trampled by the cop trying to get past me to eject a few groups of people out. One guy got so drunk, he was completely red from head to toe and must've gotten into a fight as his shirt was all ripped up.

Consume alcohol responsibly people! We're there to enjoy the game and support the Roos. Don't ruin it for other people!

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