Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Chinese New Year Eve feast

Happy Chinese New Year!!! I've finally recovered from my food induced coma. This tends to happen every CNY Eve for our traditional family reunion dinner. So after my mum's 3 days of food preparation, here's what was on the menu:

My contribution: Filo spring rolls

Supposedly the spring rolls are supposed to look like gold bars which represents prosperity. The real reason I made it? Kids love spring rolls. And the reason I made it with filo pastry is because in the mad rush of cooking, my mum wasn't about to give me access to the stove!

Tong Yuen - Glutinous Rice Balls in soup

Tong Yuen basically sounds like reunion. Which is to signify family reunion which is the whole point of this dinner! hehe This soup gets soooooooo much better over night, not because the flavour comes out, but because we add a whole heap of leftovers to the soup to make it taste better!

Steamed Fish

Stir fried mussels

Steamed baby abalone

Steamed scallop in shell with XO vermicelli

Deep fried ham and chicken roll

Mushroom and lettuce with dried scallop sauce

Lettuce is something we must also have for CNY as it can mean either lively, or rising wealth.

Mushrooms, dried oysters, pork knuckle and black hair moss


Dried oysters and fish stomach stew

Whole steamed chicken

Roast duck

The spread!

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