Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jazz in the Domain

Its finally the Sydney Festival. I've been waiting since Tropfest to have an excuse to pull out the picnic rug and enjoy some wine whilst relaxing in the great outdoors. After the success of last year, I decided to cook most of the food, just to make it a bit special. So I went grocery shopping after work to pick up a few things, and spotted the loveliest strawberries and suddenly became consumed with the thought of making strawberry jam. So when I should've been making things for the Jazz, I ended up making Jam.

Once I got that out of my system, I finally got onto making the dishes for the Jazz. This included:

I finally forked out for a microplane zester!!! BEST investment ever!

The next morning, I got up a bit earlier to finish the last of my baking before the guys rocked up to my place to pick me up. We parked at work to make it easier to move everything to the Domain. (Although we did have to stop at a cafe to beg for cups for our wine!). Here's the spread for the day:

Christine's antipasto platter

Homemade puffy pinwheel pizzas

Homemade parmesan crisps

Sweet chilli stuffed mushrooms

Blueberry and strawberry friands

I also bought along 2 bottles of imported Chianti red wine and Christine bought along 2 bottles of dessert. By the 2nd bottle I was about to pass out.

Gus helping with my alcoholism

God I'm weak after my detoxing. The good thing was, we were in the perfect setting to lie down and relax (whilst I sobered up).

Me having a perve at Gus running around

And to make up for me perving on Gus

GIO marketing people

The crowds building up

The posing Alan

The crowds building up

The smart ones who brought chairs

I didn't end up taking any photos when it got later in the night. And unfortunately, thats when everyone else rocked up. However, we had a blast of the time where we sat and chatted whilst the music played in the background. The highlight of the night would've been Christine's friend Priscille helping a lost lady and then grabbing a random stranger guy to dance the salsa with her! I can't wait for next week. I don't know how we're going to get the food to top this spread!

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