Monday, February 16, 2009

Efendy - We Love Sydney

With life being so hectic, I haven't had a chance to catch up with Moishii for awhile. When I spotted that Efendy was part of the We Love Sydney promotion, I just had to book us in for dinner and a catch up! The first time we went to Efendy, we absolutely loved the food, but way over ordered! I was full to the stage that I was almost sick! hehe This time, we were smarter with our ordering!

Me hitting the wine ASAP!!!!

We ordered the Meze for 2 and a main each. We opted to not have any salad, bread or dessert! The entree and main alone will fill you to the brim! The Meze menu is updated daily which is great to know, cos I really wanted to try something different from last time!

Duck Gozleme

This kinda reminds me of Peking Duck rolls. An ode to the Asian side of Turkey? I had no complaints about this, except I wanted more! lol

King Prawns wrapped with noodles and deep fried on a capsicum/tomato sauce

I think this was my favourite meze. The prawn absolutely burst open when you bite into it! And the lovely crunchy noodles, smothered in the sauce just made it heavenly!

Champagne marinated fetta with peppercorn and dill

The cheese was lovely and creamy, not salty at all! If only I can find something as good at our local shops...

Fried mussels with walnut sauce

In Turkey, all along the water side are little stands of people selling these mussels. They basically look like mussels in the half shell with a crumb like topping, eaten with a squeeze of lemon juice. People will walk up, buy 1 or 2 mussels, eat it on the spot and then leave. Now I've never tried this in the 3 times I've been to Turkey. Mainly because the stands are out in the open, under the blazing sun! I wasn't exactly keen on making friends with salmonella...maybe when I go in winter.....

These mussels does not look anything like that they sell in Turkey. However, if what they sell in Turkey tasted as good, I'm sure I'll be making a beeline to those stands the next time I'm there!

Eggplant, potato and tomatoes topped with yoghurt

Lovely cold side dish. I really wanted to order some bread to mop up the sauce at this point!

Slow braised shoulder of lamb with burnt yoghurt

This almost tastes like a moussaka with the lovely tender lamb and the thick burnt yoghurt. The sauce was really lovely in this dish, I just wished they had served it differently so I could add the orzo pasta to it to soak everything up.

Orzo and a spicy tomato salad

We ended the meal with a few pots of mint tea to help with our digestion.There was no way we could fit any dessert in. We couldn't even finish the main as much as we both loved it! All of this cost us around $90 after the We Love Sydney discount! An absolute bargain when you consider the lovely food, the generous serves of wine and a great friend to chat to! (It also gave us a chance to start planning our next trip!)

79 Elliott Street (Corner of Darling Street)
Balmain NSW 2041
Ph: 02 9810 5466

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