Monday, October 23, 2006

Mystery shopping

It was a freezing saturday night and all I wanted to do was curl up in bed and sleep. But alas, I had promised Moishii I'll help him with his Mystery shopping thing he had to do for work. The "Mystery shopping" we were doing involves going to various venues and listening to music. Don't ask. Anyway, so we went to a pub which I shall not name for dinner. Cheap pub grub is always good. The plan was to do the mystery shopping over dinner, but from where we were, we couldn't hear a thing. So after eating, and consuming a few alcoholic beverages (I get a $30 budget to spend on alcohol/food simply by accompanying him) we roamed around the pub and eventually located a juke box. Being the enthusiastic idiots that we were, we proceeded to slot dollar after dollar into the machine and pumped out some Kylie and Beyonce. By this time the alcohol was hitting and I was tired. I sat down and faced the rest of the room. I slowly started to notice something a bit strange.....we were in the pool room, but there was no one playing pool. Everyone was sitting down and watching something to my right. I turn around to see a big screen that was showing footy. OMG FOOTY! Everyone was sitting at the pub trying to watch Australia kick the crap outta the Kiwis, and here we were pumping Beyonce out of the speakers!!

The guys directly infront of me turned to give us the dirty look just as the next song blares out of the speakers. Moishii has his back turned and is completely oblivious as to what is going on. He's bopping to the music and scanning through the playlist. In my inebriated state, I did a hiss of a "SIT DOWN!!". Only someone is quite thick as to what is going on. This is basically how the conversation went:

Me (Hissing): SIT DOWN!!
Moishii: Wait, I just need a few more songs
Me: I think you need to sit down!!!
Moishii: What?!
Me: If you don't sit down soon, you're going to get the shit kicked out of you!
Moishii: What???

Moishii eventually sits down which is when I explained the whole situation and how we have completely broken all pub etiquettes when the footy is on. We decided to sit down, pretend to watch the game and not attract anymore attention to ourselves. All was going well until this massive drum solo at the end of a video clip started pumping through the speakers. More dirty looks from all the guys. This is when my survival instinct kicked in and we left whilst we still had all our teeth. This is after I hide a big cup of beer nuts in my handbag......

We hop into the car when the rain starts pouring down. We have no idea where we were, and neither of us could be bothered pulling out the map. So in the dark rainy night, the drunk one (me) started directing the lost one (Moishii). There was a bit of miscommunication when we started going in circles when both of us basically meant to give the same directions but we ended up going around in circles from all the yelling we were doing. It didn't help that I was hanging my head out of the window screaming CHRISTINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE at every traffic light and passerby I saw.

We eventually made it to the next venue, another pub. We walk in, order more alcohol (God this place was generous with their alcohol......its like a double serve.......and cheaper as well) and tried to locate where the music was coming from. There was huge room where everyone was watching the game and betting on horses etc. We decided to avoid a repeat of the other place so we explored the pub some more. We eventually find the room with the juke box and plonk ourselves down right next to it. Before we pumped more music from it, we had a quick glance around the room only to see that everyone in there were big kiwis.....and the kiwis were loosing. Not a good time to play any music. So we settled for whatever was playing through the speakers. Since we couldn't play music, we decided to drink. Well, I decided to drink. I ended up having 3 glasses of wine infront of me, and since their glasses were so big, it totalled to about a bottle of wine. 20mins later, the room was spinning and I desperately needed some fresh air. I leave my bag and jacket with Moishii to grab some air on the streets. 5mins later, Moishii is screaming from the front door thinking I was run over by a car or something. I quickly run back to see him standing on the door step laughing his head off and trying to break down the door. Yep.....we got locked out. Luckily Moishii had my bag and jacket in his hands, so we jumped into the car for a bit of a joy ride. Alot of "CHRISTINEEEEEEEEEEE" screaming later, we ended up in Leichardt for some coffee.

We ended up at Tuscany on Norton Street. The reason we went there was because Sydney Weekender was doing a Norton Street special on Saturday, and Tuscany was on the show. That and it was close. After giving our orders to multiple waiters and still not getting anything, we were about to up and leave when they finally came with our drinks. It took another 15mins for the dessert to come through. We got the ricotta and nutella crepes which was nice, but nothing special. What was special was the people around us. The guy with his girlfriend sitting next to us couldn't stop staring at us. Maybe it had something to do with us leaving a voicemail on Christine's phone which involved alot of "CHRISTINEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" and "CHRRRRRRRRIIIIIISTINEEEEEEEE!!". After they left, 2 chicks sat down next to us. By this stage I was quite sober and we just sat there chatting away. The 2 chicks got up and left less than 10mins after sitting down and sculling a coffee, but not before one of the chicks gave me the dirties. She stood up, turned and gave me the dirtiest look and then walked off. Like WTF? And to make things bad, she was wearing a Gold belt AND carrying a gold purse. No one, who wears a gold belt and carries a gold purse has the right to give me the dirties. It should be me giving you the dirties for your taste. BITCH.

Anyway, the night ended soon after that. Somewhere along the line, I woke up with a spoon in my bag along with the nuts. Like wtf?

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Cherry said...

You were probably wearing a cleavage bearing top that night!

I've told you this a few times already, they are jealous of your cleavage woman!!!

That girl was probably flat chested.

OR...maybe they wanted E and were surprised that he was with an Asian chick and not them???