Monday, October 30, 2006

Another pub night

I'm really loving this whole pub thing. Cheap food, cheap drinks, music loud enough for you to hear, but soft enough for a decent conversation that doesn't involed ripped vocal cords. Big spacious rooms, no elbowing, shoving or being groped whilst trying to squeeze your way through the crowd to the bathroom. But the sad thing? I says alot about my age when I'm contemplating hanging out at the local pub rather than have a big night out in town. *Sigh*

Anyway, it time to visit another one of Moishii's mystery venues. This time there was no juke box, but there was MTV making the job so much easier. We picked a table in the bistro and scanned the big blackboard. $5 steaks! $5!! Why am I paying $30 for a steak which is basically just a piece of beef thrown onto a grill in the city? Yes, you get way you pay for rar rar rar. Unless you're talking about Kobe beef, alot of the time, steak is steak. I've been to a number of these big famous award winning steak houses, and at the end of the day, it was just a steak. It doesn't matter how good the piece of beef is, if the chef completely butchers the slab of meat. Sometimes its well worth the $30 you pay if the chef is having a good night, sometimes, $5 steak is all you need.

The bistro is completely empty and we're the only people there. Fine by me. We can have a decent conversation and concentrate on the task at hand. We order our drinks, and settle for Chicken schnitzel with chips and gravy. Less than 5mins after placing our order, the chef sticks his head out of the window and screams "NO MORE SCHNITZEL!!!!"

O..k....not a biggie, I was happy to order something else. This is when the bar maid starts screaming across the room at the chef as to whether there was no more schnitzel full stop, or no more after our order. There was no more schnitzel after our order. Not too much of a problem until the barmaid started screaming that she wanted schnitzel for dinner when her shift was over. Great, we just stole dinner of the barmaid. Luckily we had our drinks already and didn't have to worry about any bodily fluids that might accidently make it into our drinks.

The food arrives and the schnitzel was huge! Excellent value for $5! The schnitzel was really good, not too oily, very crunchy but not too much batter. The chicken was still nice and moist. It sits on top of a bed of light crispy chips drenched in gravy. Now I have a funny way of eating chips and gravy. The PERFECT chips and gravy needs to have a genrous sprinkle of chicken salt, and then bbq sauce added to the picture. So then it was a franctic running back and forth between the condiments counter and our table. After a big fuss, I finally sit down to my meal.
After taking a bite and enjoying cheap comfort pub food, cops storm into the bistro. Within minutes, another cop car pulls up to the pub with their lights going off giving me headspins. I'm torn between running out and taking photos, continue eating, or taking my plate of food out AND take photos. The staff starts running around and we panic thinking we're in the middle of a hold up. Eventually the chef comes running out as well and we ask him for all the goss. Apparently some guy asked the barmaid to flash her t!ts at him, and when she refused, he tried to attack her. Moishii immediately turns to me and goes "God I'm glad you're not wearing anything low cut". Somewhere amongst the story, I heard that he tried following her into the toilet or something?? God can't we go out for ONE night without some weird freaky thing happening? What are we? Magnets for freaks??

We scoff the rest of our food, finish the task we were there for and then we were outta there. Since it was still early, we decided to head towards Burwood to catch a movie. Of course there was non-stop screaming of "CHRISTINEEEEEEEEEEE" out of the car window. We arrive at Burwood, purchase our tickets for "Grudge 2", roam around a bit and then settled in for the movie. OMG it's been AGESSSSSSS since we've seen anything with Sarah Michelle Gellar in it! I can't wait! The cinema starts filling up with people. Usually not too much of an issue, but in this case, 1/3 of the cinema were loud, rowdy teenagers. The lights dim, the previews start rolling, and the bloody bunch of teenagers were still talking! Not whispering either, this is full on conversations about clothes, weekends, whos dating who. Theres alot of shushing, and yelling of "SHUT UP!!!" (and I contributed to that as well), but they WOULD NOT SHUT UP. 10seconds into the movie, some moron decided to start screaming at the top of his lungs. Another one decided to respond by screaming "HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!". It didn't help that Moishii reckoned that would be the perfect reply to "Christine!!!".

You would think once the movie starts, they would start to settle down. No. You had people STANDING in their seats chatting to people people a few rows behind them. You had people jumping up from their seats, moving to another seat/row/side of the cinema to chat to other people. You had people sitting there screaming "OMG! I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SCARED!!!" followed by a "HELP ME!!". Non stop! No amount of shushing, and "SHUT THE HELL UP!!" would get them to SHUT THE HELL UP. So they called in the security. Not just the attendants with their torch, but full on security. They had the security do a round in the cinema and then they left. Immediately the screaming and chatting started up. The attendant quickly started making rounds again and stood next to the bunch of culprits. Not that that really helped since there were morons scattered throughout the whole cinema. If she managed to shut one group up, another group would start. So half way through the movie, they had to call the attendant back. She stuck around for about 10mins and then left again. I swear by the end of the movie I was ready to throw my bottle at someone, but I didn't know who because there were so many of them that deserved a flying bottle to the back of the head!

The movie ended and it was good. I would've enjoyed it ALOT more if people would SHUT UP! I get into the car and we're driving home when I open the window and let out a blood curdling CHRISTINEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! This was quickly followed by Moishii's "HELP MEEEEEE!!". I quickly realised that this is NOT a good thing, because one day someone is going to call the cops and report a kidnapping and identify Moishii's license plates and he's going to have the cops on his door steps with a warrant. So we're sitting at the traffic lights when Moishii has a complete laughing fit followed by an asthma attack. After 2mins of this, he finally calms down and a cop car drives by. I quickly said "Do NOT NOT SCREAM!". This triggered another fit and attack. How he managed to drive home with tears in his eyes and stitches I'll never know.....

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