Monday, January 1, 2007

Yum Cha and cookies!

Yum Cha in Singapore is really expensive compared to Australia. The food isn't as good, and alot of them don't have the trolleys they push around filled with steamers full of food. *SHOCK* *HORROR* That's the whole fun of yum cha! Every trolley comes bearing steamers full of suprises. Its kind of a lotto draw most of the time as to what you get in each cart, the only difference is you'll win alot more in yum cha than you will in lotto! With that in mind, we decided to have a big family yum cha session to satisfy my sister's yum cha cravings.

It was off to the local Crystal Seafood Restaurant in Strathfield with the kids:

BBQ Pork in short crusty pastry

Black bean steamed pork ribs

Har Gow / Prawn dumplings

All was going well until the little one had another tanty! *Turns camera off to tend to crying child*

After yum cha it was time to bake some cookies for xmas. I went with shortbread this year and pulled out my new set of cookie cutters.

To those who missed out on the cookies, I might make another batch soon! So find any excuse to see me! :P

I also grabbed a packet of Cake Mate icing used to decorate cookies and cakes that come in an easy to squeeze tube. Perfect for the kids:

I also made a special Gluten/Egg/Dairy free batch of shortbread for my niece. I wasn't even sure it would work and I warned her it might not even be edible! But being the optimistic and happy go lucky girl that she is, her first comment after biting into the cookies I made her were "MMMMmmm.....Crunchy!!". They weren't meant to be crunchy......oh wells! Atleast she liked it! Me on the other hand......well.....lets just say that I never want to eat them again!! So being the kind sister that I was, I helped my niece decorate a gluten free cookie so she can give it to her mum and to make sure she eats the ENTIRE cookie infront of her!! MAUahAUha

The "ME" was supposed to be "MERRY XMAS".....I had to convince her to write something else cos it wasn't going to fit!!

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