Sunday, January 7, 2007

Toby's Estate

I fear that I am becoming a coffee snob. I used to drink anything with caffiene in it. I slowly progressed to drinking certain types of coffee depending on the cafe I'm in. Then it was the barista. If my favourite gal wasn't making coffees that day, I wouldn't have coffee. Now, I'm actually down to a certain type of coffee bean. Toby's Estate. If I walk by a cafe that uses Toby's Estate Coffee, before you can say "Skim Latte please", I'll already be throwing myself onto the counter. Ever since trying the coffee at the North Shore Produce Markets, I've been spotting Toby's everywhere. I knew there was a store at Broadway, but it was too much effort for me to get to. But now, I'd happily drive there just to have a cup of coffee....

With my sister, who I have converted to a coffee drinker with a single cup of Toby's Estate coffee (something my brother in law hasn't been able to do for over 10 years) and my little niece in tow, we headed over to Broadway.

Since my little niece was active enough without any added caffeine, I ordered her a Soy babycino.

Its sooooooo cute! But so tiny. She gulped it down before my coffee even arrived! So I ordered her another one. A normal cino......without the coffee. A big cino! hehehe That lasted her a bit longer. Meanwhile, I stuck with my Latte.

I wonder if all Toby's Estate Baristas must do a funky design on the coffee. Whether its a Rosetta or a heart. *Shrugs* Either way, it was the perfect cup of coffee. Now I'm not picky enough to specify a particular blend of coffee yet, or even whether its single origin or not.....but I fear I'm not far from it.

Toby's Estate Roastery, Cafe and Tea Emporium
32-36 City Road,
Chippendale NSW 2008.
(between Broadway and Myrtle Streets, opposite Victoria Park)
Phone: +61 2 9211 1459

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