Saturday, January 6, 2007

Cookiez 16th Birthday

16 my ass. She's lied about her age so much I'm confused now. Or maybe I'm just playing along. Hehehe. After hearing me rave about Chedi, Cookiez decided to book her birthday party there as well. So we rock up and get seated on the floor. Suddenly, Moishii rocks up screaming and running into the restaurant because:

1. According to our tradition, the birthday boy/girl must be decorated like a xmas tree

2. He forgot to wrap her birthday present. And he didn't have sticky tape.

It was basically origami gone wrong. He tried to use saliva at one point to make it stick.....but I don't think Cookiez knew that. Otherwise she wouldn't have touched the present with a ten foot pole.

Everyone arrives and we went with the first banquet since we already had a cake. The wine was poured and the food came out:

Curry Puffs

Oh they were GOOD! Not too oily and perfectly fluffy and light. The little salsa/vinegar dip that comes along with it was gorgeous and refreshes the palate. Especially if you can't eat spicy food.

Spring rolls

I don't usually order entrees when I go to Chedi because I think it gets in the way of the main dishes. But I was definitely regretting that train of thought by the time this dish came out. The spring rolls were very crispy and wonderfully done. Unlike a lot of the Chinese spring rolls you get where its fill with wet and soggy cabbage, the filling was just right.

Satay Chicken

I was hoping the rice would come out at this stage to mop up all the sauce! Alas, we had to wait til the mains came out.

Calamari and green mango salad

This time round, the chef was spot on with the calamari. It was crispy and light and didn't go soggy when mixed with the green mango salad. I had a sore throat the night of the party, not that it stopped me from eating it!

BBQ Marinated Chicken

I usually always order the BBQ Marinated Pork, but the chicken was just as good. The flavour actually taste a bit different from the pork, but then maybe it was the fact that it was chicken instead of the marinade. The chicken was moist and perfectly grilled. Too bad we were at our limits by the time this came out!

Massam Beef

This is my nephews absolute favourite dish at Chedi. Because of Chedi, he's ventured beyond the Pad Thai! The only Thai dishes he will now eat are Pad Thai and Massam Beef......

Chicken Cashew

Ever since Bank Hotel closed for renovations, and Sumalee along with it, I've been seriously craving their Chicken Chilli Jam. I never knew that "Thai Chicken Cashew" IS Chicken Chilli Jam. To think all this time I've been denying myself! Someone kick me!!!

There were more dishes but I was kind of distracted from taking photos. You see, on top of dressing people up, we sometimes make them do "strange" things. Like lesbian kisses.......

And sometimes, people on the side line feel a bit left out and wants to join in on the action


"Ohhh....your hands are GOOD!"

"And they taste even BETTER!"

More lesbian action...but someone got jealous.....

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this word starts with "F"
(Hint: See far left)

After the people worked their frustration out, it was time for presents!

And of course, the cake!

It didn't take us long to convert someone into a potential candidate for HI!

"ArgGghh Me go stabby stabby!!"

MmMmmm Cake.......

"I wish, I wish, I wish that a chicken will fall out of the sky"

Happy Birthday Cookiez! Another year, another AA meeting. 2 more years and we'll be platinum members! *CHEERS!*

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