Monday, October 1, 2007

Must be Spring, because it's Fish Markets time!

My friend was visiting from interstate, and ever since our last Sydney Fish Market trip together, thats all we think about whenever we talk about meeting up. And since it was getting warmer, I thought it would be the perfect time to go back to the fish markets. It was quite windy on Saturday, but hey, thats not going to get in between me and my sashimi!

Eating with equally greedy people is the best! We couldn't decide which "Seafood platter for 2" to buy, so we got one platter from each shop! Luckily there were more than 2 of us.....

Seafood platter #1

Seafood Platter #2

I definitely preferred seafood platter #1. Their calamari rings were huge! And their fried prawns was sooooooo light and crunchy, even after 20mins of sitting in the cold wind! I also picked up about 1/2kg of sashimi, a dozen oysters with the must have Tetsuya dressing, seaweed salad, jellyfish salad, flying fish roe and 1kg of prawns.

We wayyyyyyyyyyy over ordered and I ended up taking some of the prawns and leftover sashimi home. Not wanting to eat anymore cold prawns or raw fish, I decided to spice it up a bit and turn them into side dishes for dinner.

Cripsy pan fried salt and pepper prawns

Perfectly done Teriyaki Salmon and Tuna


Not a bad effort using leftovers hey? I'm surprised the prawns turned out so well. They were slightly overcooked, but totally expected since I was cooking with cooked prawns. But they turned out so well, I'm definitely going to keep that recipe for any leftover prawns in the future. As for the teriyaki salmon and tuna, they were cooked perfectly. Just cooked and slightly pink in the centre. Took me less than 2 minutes to whip the whole dish up. And as for my Oyakodon, perfect as usual :)

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