Sunday, October 7, 2007

My new (not so) secret - Sushi Tei

I love how you find little gems all over the city when you least expect it. We had a lunch meeting one day that was going to provide sandwiches, but both me and my workmate was starving and wouldn't last the hour until the meeting without eating. We decided to go to Ton Ton's for a small bowl of Udon Noodle Soup to tide us over. What we didn't know, was that the food court at Chifley Plaza is under construction and Ton Ton was no longer there. As we headed back to work to search for something else, we spotted a new Japanese Restaurant that had opened. We decided to go back there the week after for our "World Safari Lunches" that happen every 3 weeks. Boy am I glad that we did.

Sushi Tei had been opened for less than a month when we first visited and not only was the service spectacular, so was the food. I forgot my camera on the first visit, but their Nabeyaki Udon is TO DIE FOR. As well as their soft shell crab maki that I order every time I am there.

Less than a week later, I was back with my friend for lunch. There are two main seating areas in the restaurant. One room has ceiling to floor windows letting in lots of light, whilst the other room is a much more cosy and romantic room with seats by the sushi train and booths. This time, we were in the booth room.

Sushi Train


Soft shell crab maki

Tempura Udon

Pheonix Roll - Fried Prawn Sushi topped with Eel topped with avocado

This was amazing. We were arguing over whether to order the fried prawn sushi, or the eel sushi, when we spotted the pheonix roll which combined the both of them! The prawns were crunchy but the eel was meltingly tender topped with a slice of creamy avocado. OMG! This was really really good!

Salmon and Scallop paper hot pot with miso soup base

I first saw this dish on Iron Chef and was amazed that they could serve a hot pot in a sheet of paper. The secret is the flame under the paper. The soup will keep the paper moist, but the flame counteracts the moisture, therefore keeping the paper dry, and ensuring you're not going to get a lap full of hot soup when the paper burst. This was really good. The miso gave a nice sweetness to the soup when the salmon and scallops were just gently poached. The only problem was, it was so good, we had scooped all the contents out before the flame went out. That meant that the paper started catching fire and I had to put the flames out with my drink! hehe

Green tea and red bean ice cream sandwich

The total bill came to about $50, which was great value considering how much we had eaten!

After the first visit with my workmate, and hearing the stories from my second visit, my workmate decided to take me there for my birthday lunch. This would be my 3rd visit in the space of 2 weeks. Hehehe

Lunchtime crowd

Soft shell crab maki - again

Chawamushi - again

Gyoza with a chilli vinegar dipping sauce


Salmon and Scallop hotpot - again

As you could tell, I ordered the same thing again on my 3rd visit. That's because the food was so good, I really wanted my workmate to try it. This is now one of my favourite Japanese Restaurants, and one of the few where you can actually eat and stay for a chat. Most of the good Japanese restaurants tend to be little take away joints, so it's a nice change to find a really good Jap restaurant you can hang around with your friends at.

Sushi Tei is a franchise that started off in Asia and this is the first branch that is opened in Australia.

Sushi Tei
1 Chifley Square
Cnr of Elizabeth St and Hunter St

Telephone +61 2 92327288
Facsimile +61 2 92327988
*Note: Website is for Singapore Branch only. They don't have an Australian website yet


Emille said...

I have been thinking about Sushi Tei a lot... I will never forget our first time ;p

It seems tragedy follows you places..I've never had things burn down on me before at a restaurant.

Nevertheless, FUN.. :)

SoRMuiJAi said...

Hey, you're lucky I put the damn thing out. We would've both gone up in smokes if I waited for you to finish your food before saving us from burning alive! :P