Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Night Noodle Markets

I'm sitting in my room trying to defrost after freezing my butt off at the Night Noodle Markets tonight. The upside is, the food is much better than last year's disappointment. The Thai Stores are still all pushing Pad Thai and Green Curries, but there are a few unique dishes out there as well.

So after work, I trudged up to Hyde Park with my workmates where we already had a few tables saved for us. With a bottle of Brown Brothers Dolcetto and Syra wine to keep us warm, we started taking turns hitting the food stands. The usual salt and pepper calamari is a must from East Oceans, who this year is offering salt and pepper soft shell crab. But at $12 for 4 pieces, I opted for my big pile of calamari instead.

Then we got a massive heap of Singapore Char Kuay Teow, Pad Thai, Dim Sims, Prawn and Crab Claw Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki and some interesting Thai Pies. The highlight of the night for me had to be Sussex Thai's Stuffed Chicken Wings and Prawn cakes. The chicken wings had the bones removed and stuffed with a mixture of pork mince, crunchy fungus and vermicelli. The prawn cakes were super meaty and juicy! There were also plenty of Dutch chocolate and caramel fudge pancakes all round as well as some Serendipity coconut and lime ice cream. By this stage, I was stuffed like a Turkey and couldn't possibly eat anymore. It still didn't stop the group of us salivating over a massive container of grilled lamb skewers one of our friends got. Now I just need to have a hot shower to get feeling back into my body again!

Oh, incase you're wondering why there is no photos? It was hungry and it was too cold. I wasn't about to risk the food getting cold ;)

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