Friday, March 28, 2008

Day 2 - More food and house hunting

Jetlagged kicked in, so I woke up extra early and went downstairs to grab breakfast. My favourite breakfast!

$1.20 mixed noodles with fried stuffed beancurd skin

Chwee Kueh - Steamed rice cakes with preserved veggies

I met up with my sister and the rest of the family after they went to church. We decided to have an early lunch where I managed to get myself the last plate of Nasi Lemak.

You see, in Singapore, there are a lot of specialty stalls in the hawker centre. Sometimes, they're so specialised, they only sell breakfast and when they're sold out, they close.

Kopi bing - Iced coffee

After lunch, I went with the rest of the family to go house hunting.

Kids having a blast in the park opposite the house

After an hour, my sister headed on home with the kids whilst I went to my favourite local shopping centre, Junction8 for some retail therapy. 2 hours later, I am completely exhausted carrying my 10 or so shopping bags so I stopped by for a quick snack.

Pork with glutinous rice - Looks terrible, tastes great

I get back home in time to have a bit of a nap to catch up on my jetlag. Me and my sister had booked for a pedicure, which took us a good 1.5hrs, but it was something we both needed desperately. It was also a fantastic chance for us to have a catchup without the kids pestering us.
After our pedicure, we met up with my brother in law and the kids for dinner. Whilst Singapore is a mixing pot of all sorts of Asian cuisine, Cantonese is not one they do well, or often. For decent Cantonese food, you need to go to a fairly expensive restaurant or hotel. Luckily, they found a pretty authentic one at a fraction of the price.

The best salt baked chicken I've had in year

Beef in black pepper sauce

Garlic Gai Lan

Gluten and egg free chicken and salted fish fried rice

Sweet and sour pork - My Bro-in-law's fav dish

Pei Pa Tofu - Minced and fried tofu

We got home around 8pm. I decided to go to the local super market for a bit of a walk. As I walked passed the fruit section, I found these:


I have been looking for these all over Sydney! I grabbed a packet and went home straight away to try these out. And they basically taste like mini kiwis! hehe yes I am easily amused.

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