Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day 5 - Science centre and the buffet

It is absolutely bucketing down rain again. As I deliberately coincided my holiday with the kids school holidays, we decided to go to the Science Centre. Completely indoors! My sister has a membership there that gives them unlimited entry. She also had a membership for the zoo, but unless I'm a maid, I can't use their free membership. So today, at the Science Centre, I'm the maid.

I wasn't too fussed with all the exhibitions, the kids were way more excited than I was.

If only I really COULD turn it on....

We also went to their omni theatre, which is a massive dome like theatre. Kind of like IMAX. But much bigger.

After 2 hours at the Science Centre, we decided to have lunch at the buffet outside the Omni Theatre. Japanese buffet! There is even a kitchen section, where you can order food made to order and delivered to your table!

Clockwise: Whiting, abalone, squid, king fish, tuna, salmon, octopus, ginger
Centre: Tamago (Egg)

Paper hotpot - Black chicken soup

Prawn and black chicken herbal soup

Grilled chicken chop

Baked oyster with ketchup and cheese........
Tempura prawns

Satay chicken sticks

Black pepper pork chops

Stuffed bean curds, siw mai, glutinous rice, corn, chickpeas

Me gorging on siw mai, steamed dumplings and tempura prawns


Cold Cha soba

Taro and sweet corn ice cream


After stuffing ourselves to the brim, it was time to head home and pack for Vietnam tomorrow. My sister was busy packing the kids school bags, sleepover bags, swimming bags, bowling bags, golfing bags, movie bags etc etc. I was busy packing my stuff for the trip.

I convinced my sister to share one suitcase and one hand luggage thinking it'll help us pack light. My sister had filled the suitcase before I even had a chance to put my stuff in! She even packed a chopping board for crying out loud!

It was a wet and dreary weather.

The clearest day I've had

Instead of going out for dinner like we originally planned, we sent my brother in law to go bring us back some dinner:

Hainese chicken rice with bbq pork

Fried hainese chicken rice with bbq pork

Hokkien Char Mee - Malay style

After dinner, we had to rush the kids over to my sister's friend's place where they're going to sleep over for the night. We then ran around trying to find a money exchange to make sure we had money to spend when we got to Vietnam! We also picked up a few buns for breakfast before crashing into bed after midnight.

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